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These Actors Seriously Beefed It On Movie Sets And I'm So Glad They're OK

From scraping their arm to getting a bone through their brain.

1. Harrison Ford almost got his legs chopped off during The Force Awakens.

Disney / Lucasfilm

One of the hydraulic doors dropped on him as he was walking through and pinned him down at the pelvis, leaving him stuck under the door. Ford broke two bones in his left leg and dislocated his ankle because of the malfunction.

2. Channing Tatum burned his downstairs during the production of The Eagle.

Focus Features

Filming required Tatum to be in cold water for long periods of time. To warm up, someone helped Tatum by mixing boiling water with the cold water he was in and pouring the mixture down his wetsuit. However, on their last batch, they forgot to cut the boiling mixture with any cold water. They poured boiling water down Tatum's wetsuit, which traveled down to his nether regions and burned him badly, especially since the suit made the hot water cling to his body.

3. Tom Holland broke his nose while filming The Lost City of Z.

Keep Your Head

He smashed his face when he didn't land a backflip. He said, "I remember hitting my face on the floor and going, 'Shit.' I stood up, I thought I'd knocked my teeth out and the make-up artist was laughing at me." It's actually not the first time he broke his nose on set. It's the third. He most recently broke his nose last November. In his Instagram story, he never revealed the set he broke it on, but fans think he injured his face while filming Avengers 4.

4. Jaimie Alexander chipped 11 vertebrae while she was shooting Thor: The Dark World.


That's not all. She also herniated a disk, dislocated her shoulder, and tore her right rhomboid by falling off of a high set piece. Alexander was in the hospital for a week, went through physical therapy, and was able to return set to learn more fight sequences.

5. Cary Elwes got the blunt end of a sword to his skull in The Princess Bride.

Act III Communications

It was obvious while filming the scene where Rugen and Westley confront each other that Rugen was not actually bonking Westley with his sword. So, Cary Elwes suggested to Christopher Guest that Guest actually hit him just once to get the reaction right. Elwes said he woke up with stitches being sewn into his head. The scene you see in the movie is Elwes really getting knocked out.

6. Robert Downey Jr. was out six weeks because of an ankle injury during the production of Iron Man 3.


He injured his ankle doing one of his own stunts in the movie. Instead of stopping production and waiting for RDJ to get better, filmmakers decided to use a body double and facial captures of RDJ's face. So, there are some scenes in Iron Man 3 that have a fake Iron Man in them.

7. Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms while filming Tag.

New Line Cinema

On the third day of shooting, he broke his wrist in one arm and his elbow in the other. His injuries didn't slow him down, though. Renner continued working that afternoon. They green screen-ed out his casts for some parts of the movie. For others, he would remove the casts, shoot, then put them back on right after.

8. Margaret Hamilton was badly burned during the production of The Wizard of Oz.


The actor who played the Wicked Witch of the West, Margaret Hamilton, was burned badly when a special effects display didn't go off as intended. You'll notice in the movie that she leaves Munchkinland in a plume of smoke and then fire. During filming, the prop door didn't open as planned during the smoke effects, leaving her surrounded by fire where her hands and face were so burned that she had to wear green gloves for the rest of filming.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio's real blood is shown in Django: Unchained.

Columbia Pictures

In the film during his speech, Leo's hand smashes down onto a glass. You'll see in the scene that his hand starts to get covered in blood. It's all real blood. The glass stem pierced his hand. Afterwards, they did other takes with the hand bandaged, but Tarantino decided to leave in the gory take.

10. Charlize Theron fell on her neck shooting for Aeon Flux.

Paramount Pictures

She hurt herself by doing a backwards somersault in platform shoes. A disc in her neck slipped and almost went into her spine.

11. Daniel Craig's knee blew out while fighting Dave Bautista for Spectre.

Columbia Pictures

Craig's heel got caught on an indentation in the floor and he moved the wrong way resulting in his knee collapsing in. He had to take two weeks off, which he said was a blessing in disguise.

12. Sylvester Stallone got a punch to the heart from Dolph Lundgren while filming Rocky IV.

United Artists

Stallone asked Dolph Lundgren to actually try to knock him out for one take. Lundgren nailed him square in the chest, and although he didn't render Stallone unconscious, Stallone's heart slammed against his breastbone and started to swell, which eventually sent him to the hospital. That injury is usually caused by a head-on car crash. Stallone's insurance company almost didn't cover it because they were convinced it was because of a car and not a person.

13. Nicole Kidman broke a rib while filming a dance scene for Moulin Rouge!.

Twentieth Century Fox

She returned to set, but she was still in agonizing pain. It turned out that the corset she was wearing was aggravating her injury.

14. Fred Astaire got "maimed" during a dance sequence in Follow the Fleet.

RKO Radio Pictures

During a sequence set to "Let's Face the Music and Dance", his long-time partner, Ginger Rogers, wore a very heavy beaded gown with wide sleeves. Each sleeve, according to Astaire, weighed a few pounds each. He unfortunately got nailed in the jaw and eye with one of them when Rogers did a quick spin. You can see that he plays it off beautifully because that take is the one that made it into the film.

15. Brendan Fraser passed out for 18 seconds because of The Mummy.

Universal Pictures

During a hanging scene gone wrong, Fraser remembers losing his breath and blacking out. He was standing on a board when the director had them increase the tension of the rope around his neck. Fraser said, "I figured, 'I'll get oxygen and hold my breath,' and I was up on my toes and something went wrong...the next thing I knew, I was waking up."

16. Joseph Gordon Levitt crashed into a car filming Premium Rush.

Columbia Pictures

While riding his bicycle through New York City, Levitt accidentally crashed into a taxi and went through its rear windshield. The crash left Levitt with 31 stitches.

17. Tom Cruise broke his ankle jumping from building to building for Mission Impossible — Fallout.

Paramount Pictures

He revealed slo-mo footage of his injury on the Graham Norton Show and it is gnarly. While he was meant to jump and hang on the side of the building, his foot bent completely inwards and snapped when he did. He still got up and finished the shot, which actually made it into the movie.

18. And Jackie Chan fell and got a bone through his brain doing a stunt for Armor of God.

Golden Harvest Company

Chan says that his worst injury was while filming Armor of God, where he swung through a tree too fast and hit a branch. He fell and forced a bone to penetrate his brain. He and his stuntmen are actually blacklisted from insurance companies, so any stunt-related injury that occurs on-set, Chan pays for out-of-pocket.

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