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    34 Celebrities Who Are Just As Smart As They Are Famous

    BRB, asking Kesha for help with my homework.

    1. John Legend skipped two grades and started at UPenn at the age of 16.

    2. Kesha was got a near-perfect score on her SATs.

    3. Nolan Gould is a member of Mensa and graduated high school at 13.

    4. Steve Martin also joined the Mensa organization. He wrote about it in the New Yorker.

    5. Lisa Kudrow has published a psychology paper about handedness and headaches.

    6. Kristen Stewart has published a paper through Cornell University on neural style transfer.

    7. And Colin Firth cowrote a research paper studying political alignment and brain structure.

    8. Ken Jeong is a doctor, and he still renews his medical license.

    9. Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience.

    10. And Brian May has a PhD in astrophysics.

    11. Mindy Kaling is an award-winning playwright.

    12. Ashton Kutcher studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa.

    13. Conan O'Brien graduated magna cum laude from Harvard.

    14. Shaquille O'Neal has a master's degree from the University of Phoenix and a doctorate in education from Barry University.

    15. Gerard Butler pursued a law degree from the University of Glasgow.

    16. And Rebel Wilson pursued a law degree from the University of New South Wales.

    17. Karlie Kloss learns how to code in her spare time.

    18. All of the members of Vampire Weekend are graduates of Columbia University.

    19. James Franco has an MFA from Columbia and a master's in filmmaking from NYU, and he was accepted to Yale to pursue a PhD in English.

    20. Dolph Lundgren graduated from the the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, has a master's in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney, and won a Fulbright scholarship to MIT.

    21. Tom Hiddleston knows four languages.

    22. Jodie Foster knows five.

    23. Natalie Portman and Shakira both know six.

    24. And Viggo Mortensen knows seven.

    25. Questlove is an adjunct instructor at NYU.

    26. Cindy Crawford and Weird Al Yankovic were both valedictorians of their high school classes.

    27. And Alicia Keys was valedictorian when she graduated from high school at the age of 16.

    28. David Duchovny was pursuing a PhD in English before he landed his role on The X-Files.

    29. Ashley Judd got a master's in public administration from Harvard.

    30. Ben Stein is a graduate of Yale Law School and an economics professor, and he's written or cowritten about 30 books.

    31. Kal Penn taught two courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

    32. And finally, Flavor Flav was considered a musical prodigy and learned how to play 15 different instruments by ear.