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    Aaron Paul Has A Baby Now, But It's OK, Jimmy Kimmel Already Gave It A Baby Meth Suit

    Congratulations, bitch.

    If you're not familiar with Aaron Paul, that means you haven't seen Breaking Bad, The Path, or Bojack Horseman. So, what are you doing?! Close this article and turn on the TV.

    If you do know Aaron Paul, you can keep reading, and, boy, this is a good one. He just had a baby!

    It's his first baby with his wife, Lauren, whom he's been married to since 2013. He posted this photo of Lauren in September with the hilarious caption, "Look what I did."

    Aaron loves babies, like, a lot, which makes his new one exponentially cuter. Take a look at his relationship with his nephew!

    Do we have the baby's name yet? No, no we don't. He and his wife wanted to wait and meet her first *squee*.

    BUT DON'T WORRY. Jimmy Kimmel has already addressed what we were all thinking and gifted Aaron a pink baby meth suit last month.

    Congratulations Lauren and Aaron on your new baby Paul!

    laurenpaul8 / Via

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