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    19 Facts That'll Make You Feel Like You Don't Know Anything

    One spaghetto, two spaghetti.

    1. Human testicles have tastebuds in them.

    4fr / Getty Images, Diy13 / Getty Images

    Not only that, there are taste receptors all over your body (including the stomach, lungs, and gut), and scientists are still studying why they're there.

    2. Mexico's official name is the United Mexican States (Estados Unidos Mexicanos).

    Joseignaciosoto / Getty Images

    In 2012, President Felipe Caldéron did send a piece of legislation to congress to ditch the "United States" part, but it was a week before he left office.

    3. The USB was originally designed so you could insert it upside-down or right-side up.

    Suwat Rujimethakul / Getty Images

    Having it reversible was too costly, so the feature was scrapped.

    4. Charles Darwin ate the animals he discovered.

    Ivan Mattioli / Getty Images

    Moreover, it's common practice for scientists to eat the organisms they study.

    5. All Froot Loop colors are the same flavor.

    Choness / Getty Images

    Also, Lt. Commander Chris Servello, director of the U.S. Navy’s news desk, reported that Cap'n Crunch is not a captain. The only things cereals are feeding us are lies.

    6. Crocodiles can climb trees.

    Underworld111 / Getty Images

    Adults can climb as high as six feet and juveniles can climb as high as 30 feet.

    7. Wooly mammoths were still alive when the pyramids were built.

    Daniel Eskridge / Getty Images, Xurzon / Getty Images

    They went extinct approximately 4,000 years ago, and the pyramids were built approximately 4,600 years ago.

    8. The entire continent of South America is east of Florida.


    I definitely thought it was west????

    9. Sharks have been on Earth longer than trees.

    Grisha Shoolepoff / Getty Images

    They pre-date trees by about 50 million years.

    10. The song "Mary Had A Little Lamb" was based on a real person.

    Kesu01 / Getty Images

    A little girl named Mary Sawyer in Sterling, Massachusetts had her lamb follow her to school one day, and the rest is history.

    11. You can rearrage the letters in "Clint Eastwood" to make the words "old west action" with no leftovers.

    Keystone / Getty Images

    Eastwood has starred in over a dozen Westerns.

    12. The Star Trek phrase "Beam me up, Scotty" was not said in any of the original Star Trek movies or TV episodes.


    Kirk says some things awfully similar, but he never delivers that now iconic line.

    13. Attila the Hun died of a nosebleed.

    Jpa1999 / Getty Images

    He drank too much on his wedding night and ended up with a nosebleed. The blood flowed into his mouth and choked him to death in his sleep.

    14. Dora the Explorer teaches English in every other language except English, where Dora teaches Spanish.


    The dubs in other countries like Japan and Greece teach viewers English words instead of Spanish like she does in Canada and the United States.

    15. Netflix was founded a year before Google was.

    Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

    Netflix was founded in 1997, while Google was founded in 1998.

    16. A moment is an actual unit of time that's roughly 2.25 seconds.

    Brianajackson / Getty Images

    This term for time was used all the way back in the Middle Ages.

    17. "Spaghetti" is plural. One piece of spaghetti is a "spaghetto."

    Karisssa / Getty Images

    The same goes for "cannoli" and "cannolo."

    18. Australia is wider than the moon.

    Google / Getty

    Australia is 2,398 miles wide, and the diameter of the moon is 2,159 miles.

    19. Finally, cheetahs can't roar. They can only meow.

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    They also purr just like a normal house cat.

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