It's Summer, So Here Are 14 Photos That Will Remind Us That The Sun Always Wins

    Summer is for hibernating because it's too hot to do anything else.

    1. The sun melting an entire kayak on a car.

    A melted kayak

    2. The sun shining through this glass light globe that's intensifying it and burning a track in the grass.

    Burnt grass

    3. This sun demonstrating what will happen if you look at it through a telescope (yes, that's a stick that caught on fire).

    A stick on fire near a telescope

    4. The sun taking a jar of pickles and draining it of its color.

    Colorless pickles

    5. The sun giving this person a semi-permanent set of lace leggings even though they took them off.

    Someone's bad sunburn on their legs

    6. The sun unfortunately branding someone because they left a penny on their seat.

    Burn of a penny on someone's leg

    7. The sun giving this person enough force to burn wood art with a magnifying glass.

    An artist using a magnifying glass to burn art on wood

    8. The sun melting the logo of this truck.

    A melted logo on a truck

    9. The sun causing the temperature to rise so high that it pops all the tops off of the soda in this vending machine.

    Destroyed cans in a vending machine

    10. The sun passively cooking a chocolate chip cookie with some Arizona heat in someone's car.

    A melted cookie on someone's dashboard

    11. The sun EXPLODING someone's outdoor glass table just by chilling in the sky.

    A shattered glass table

    12. The sun melting this literal sun shade, a thing designed to be in front of the sun.

    A melted sun shade

    13. The sun reading this sign saying "stop" and replying, "No, bow down to my bleaching capabilities."

    A bleached stop sign

    14. Finally, the sun reminding everyone in the fashion community that if you're going to wear ripped denim in the summer, wear sunscreen.

    Sunburn on someone's thighs