23 Drags Of Being In Elementary School

The hardest years of your life.

1. When your teacher didn’t pick you to take something to the office for them

Anything to get out of that boring classroom.

2. When safety patrol yelled at you

Just because you have a green sash doesn’t mean you get to boss me around.

3. Parent-teacher conferences

I don’t have an attitude problem, I just don’t like anyone and I don’t like school.

4. Getting your card flipped to red for talking

Excuse me, but they were talking to me. Have them flip their card to red.

5. Having to ask to go to the bathroom

Great, now the entire class knows my bladder schedule.

6. Post-recess sweat


7. People who got a packed lunch when you had to eat school lunch

I mean, there’s no way they’re going to eat all of those goldfish, right?

8. People with school lunch asking you for food if you have a packed lunch

I was planning on eating all of my goldfish, sorry.

9. When your best friend skipped school to go on vacation

The biggest fear on these days is when the teacher asks you to buddy up and you don’t have a partner so the teacher picks them out for you.

10. When your teacher gave you winter break homework

It’s called a break for a reason.

11. Broken crayons

Now it’s about 70,000% harder to color. Nothing needs to be colored that intensely.

12. When you knew the answer but weren’t called on

My hand was waving and I was hovering above my seat. Don’t say you didn’t see me.

13. Getting yelled at for not walking on the line

It’s called freedom of expression. It’s 2014. I’ll walk where I want to.

14. Never getting picked for line leader

If you had a last name that began with an “A”, you never understood this struggle.

15. Accidentally calling your teacher “mom”


16. The hunger struggle between lunch and afternoon snack

Scientific fact: the second part of the day is way more exhausting than the first.

17. Wearing tennis shoes everyday

And then taking them off not only to find a real swell sock imprint, but also assorted dirt, mulch, sand, and rocks from playing too hard at recess.

18. Riding the bus

Ugh, getting out at 3:30 and being the last stop meant actually getting home at dinner time.

19. Getting told to quiet down

Are we REALLY disturbing the class next door?

20. Parental instructions that you actually had to buy a book from the book fair

They don’t know what’s best for me and they also don’t know how much I really need this strawberry cheesecake smencil and glitter flower pencil topper.

21. That one special you hated

One day of the week. Either you hated PE, music, art, or media, but there was always one that made you just not want to go to school.

22. Spelling tests

What was worse: studying for spelling tests.

23. Naps

There will never being a more sinking feeling than realizing you didn’t appreciate the years that it was required to take naps.

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