22 Of Life’s Most Annoying Situations Can Be Summed Up Perfectly With This GIF

It’s a snack-down.

This is a gif of a chihuahua getting hit by various snacks.

It’s actually an accurate depiction of us all now and then, whether we be the chihuahua or the snacks.

Like when:

1. All of your teachers schedule projects with the same due date:

Chihuahua: Your social life
Snacks: Academic crap

2. When someone asks you for money:

Chihuahua: Your wallet
Snacks: Somebody else’s financial problems

3. When you get into your car in the summer:

Chihuahua: Literally you
Snacks: Heat

4. When your boss asks you to stay late:

Chihuahua: Your plans
Snacks: Stupid work

5. When that special someone doesn’t want to date you:

Chihuahua: Your heart
Snacks: The feels

6. When you start a new job:

Chihuahua: Your brain
Snacks: New information

7. When the cashier is finished ringing everything up and you hear the total of your Target purchase:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Target

8. When you touch down on a commercial aircraft:

Chihuahua: Your Body
Snacks: Velocity

9. When you look at your tuition bill:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Higher education

10. When you look at any bill:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Adulthood

11. When you follow up your interviews:

Chihuahua: Prospective employer
Snacks: You

12. When you go to Disneyland:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Everyone else

13. When you’re at a family gathering:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Questions about your future

14. When you’re finally at the front of the line and you still don’t know what to order:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Dirty glares from the people behind you

15. When someone throws you a surprise party:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Surprise

16. When you get engaged:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Love

17. When you see a person you don’t like because they’re annoying and they see you and start talking at you:

Chihuahua: Your wasted time
Snacks: Their words

18. When you get hit by a water balloon:

Chihuahua: Your clothing
Snacks: Water

19. When you send a breakup text:

Chihuahua: The recipient
Snacks: Everything that’s wrong with them

20. When your friend sets you up with an unattractive blind date:

Chihuahua: You
Snacks: Excuses as to where you need to be

21. When you win Monopoly:

Chihuahua: Losers
Snacks: Beautiful victory

22. When you’re a chihuahua and you get hit with snacks:

Sometimes life is overwhelming.

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