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15 Times This GIF Of A Child On A Suitcase Is You

All aboard the suitcase.

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1. When you realize you have to get up for work

2. When your sock bunches up in your shoe and you can't fix it

3. When you get into your car and realize past you left the car out of gas

4. When its a coworker's birthday and you couldn't care less

5. When you finally get around to starting a paper due tomorrow morning

6. When they put mayonnaise on your sandwich despite the fact that you ordered it sans condiments

7. When your phone is low on battery and you don't have a charger

8. When people expect something from you

9. When bae wants to watch a movie that isn't your genre

10. When you're in your car and run inside while its raining and then it immediately stops when you get in the door

11. When you're sick with a cold

12. When you do housework

13. When you stub your toe

14. When you have to look at your student loan bill

15. When your flight is delayed

16. When your dog wants to play but you're too damn tired

17. When your offspring starts crying about something completely absurd

18. When you fall asleep anywhere that's not your bed

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