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    The Sexiest Classical Cars In Movie History

    The Fast and Furious series and similar movies made the top with big thanks to all the flashy, super tuned cars. Tales of rides and their trusted steeds, however, don't just pop in movie history from the late 90's. Classical cars might not have electric windows and board computers, but they glorified quite some many movies and action stars in the past century with both stunning design and a powerful engine.

    1958 Plymouth Fury Movie: Christine

    1977 Pontiac Trans Am Movie: Smokey and The Bandit

    1972 Grand Torino Movie: Grand Torino

    1976 Grand Torino Series: Starsky and Hutch

    Aston Marting DB5 Movie: Goldfinger

    1972 Ferrari Daytona Spider 365 GTS/4 Series: Miami Vice

    1986 Ferrari Testarossa Series: Miami Vice

    Ferrary 308 GT Series: Magnum P.I.

    1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Movie: Thelma and Louise

    1970 Charger R/T Movie: The Fast and The Furious

    1968 Ford Mustang 390 CID Fastback Movie: Bullitt

    Eleanor Movie: Gone In Sixty Seconds