Audrey Wright

Audrey Wright
When not creating posts like this one, Audrey Wright works as an online marketer for various websites in the UK web space
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  • 4 People That Turn Garbage Into Works Of Art

    ​An artist draws inspiration from anything around him. Interesting enough, that can often be the thing everyone else will completely ignore and if they don’t, it’s only to express their disregard towards it. What I’m talking about is trash. Plain old junk, like the contents of your years old stuffed garden shack can become a new instrument to channel creativity and artistry. Old tools, machinery parts, pieces of furniture, domestic gizmos and utensils can become the building blocks of something gorgeous. Of course there is trash and there is trash. You can’t expect to turn every single bread crumb into a fantastic sculpture and you most definitely can’t abandon house chores and cleaning, in particular for the purposes of art. However, provided the space, you can save bits and pieces from here and there and breathe new life into them by combining them into something beautiful.

  • The Sexiest Classical Cars In Movie History

    The Fast and Furious series and similar movies made the top with big thanks to all the flashy, super tuned cars. Tales of rides and their trusted steeds, however, don’t just pop in movie history from the late 90’s. Classical cars might not have electric windows and board computers, but they glorified quite some many movies and action stars in the past century with both stunning design and a powerful engine.

  • 15 Amazing Sea Creatures You Can Hardly Believe Are Real

    There are lots of weird-looking animals in the world, but it’s sea creatures who always get the top spots. Either evolution has made everything prettier (marine creatures are the least changed inhabitants of the Earth). Or, water as a living medium sets life free of vanity. Either way, marine life has easily the ugliest examples of an organism there is. And here is what exactly do we mean.

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