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    • audreyt4e32c9018

      She can wear what she likes, but the post is commenting on the hypocrisy of it. An Afro is not Gigi’s natural hair texture, and for most black women, it is. It seems silly to me that while black women and girls across America are being discriminated for their hair texture (hair style dress codes in offices, a little girl receiving note from teacher to stop using coconut oil on her hair because it “smells”), a white model gets to mimic the same texture and is seen as cool and innovative and unique. That’s the problem! It’s not that she wears it. It’s that she wears it with ease while black women can’t, even tho it’s their god given hair.

    • audreyt4e32c9018

      I think a lot of people are missing the point. Cultural exchange is good! No one is saying that people of another race can’t ever wear or appreciate the styles popularized by black women. They’re merely saying that if you are going to wear these styles or use them in a fashion show, to give credit where credit is due and do so in a way that honors, not mocks. Black culture has existed richly before any of these things were made popular by the mainstream. I understand the author and black women’s frustration because how would you feel if someone took credit for something that meant a lot to you? So much of black fashion is a subtle, covert way of asserting independence from their oppressors, so when the oppressors come in and are like, “omg aren’t my new ‘boxer braids’ so cute?” it’s got to be infuriating. These things go so much deeper. It’s not who can have/wear what. It’s that the group in power is mimicking the non-power group while continuing to oppress them and take credit for their work. Also, some of these are straight mockery. I’m sorry t swift and Katy perry are not interested in lifting up black culture. You can clearly tell by their facial expressions they are trying to be funny, which makes a mockery of real people and real culture. Black people aren’t here for your amusement. Cultural relativity people. Their culture is real. It’s important. And it matters how we interact with it.

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