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11 Motivational Audiobooks That Will Transform Your Morning Commute

Work on yourself while going to work!

1. You Are a Badass

Tantor Audio / Via

With chapter titles like "Your Brain Is Your Bitch" and "Fear Is for Suckers," Jen Sincero's motivational book almost feels like she's screaming positivity at your face in a death metal growl. This book is great for people who want to be inspired, but find the flowery language of self-help books too eyeroll-inducing to actually take seriously.

2. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Penguin Audio / Via

Yes, Elizabeth Gilbert is famous for teaching us to eat, pray, and love, but, in her new self-help book, she wants you to do one more thing: create. Big Magic was written for that person who needs a just little motivation to fulfill their creative aspirations.

3. The Power of Habit

Random House Audio / Via

When's the last time you felt a GOOD habit forming? Scientists have studied how our brains form habits, and Duhigg describes just how you can use their research to unlock the secret to instilling good ones into your daily routine.

4. The 4-Hour Workweek

Blackstone Audio Inc. / Via

Tired of the mundaneness of his nine-to-five, Timothy Ferriss went on a three-week sabbatical to Europe...and never worked the same way again. By telecommuting from around the world, Ferriss has shattered the barrier between work and play.

5. The Power of Positive Thinking

Simon & Schuster Audio / Via

Oftentimes our biggest enemies are our own selves, which is why Norman Vincent Peale teaches you how to eliminate that voice in your head telling you that you can't and replace it with one that says you can. Through his daily exercises, you can make happiness your personal religion.

6. The Power of Now

New World Library / Via

If you find yourself constantly thinking about about the past or dreading the future, maybe it's time you started living in the "now." Tolle's classic book will teach you how to take control of your anxiety and find the road to inner peace.

7. Sacred Hoops

Simon & Schuster Audio / Via

As the man who has coached some of the best basketball players in the world (ever hear of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Shaquille O'Neal?), you'd think Phil Jackson would be an expert in competition — and you'd be right...sorta. Actually, the reason why his coaching style is so good is because it's steeped in Eastern and Native American influences, which promote awareness and selflessness.

8. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Tantor Audio / Via

Even if you're not a straight-up hoarder, we could all use a little tidying up, and Marie Kondo promises that if you organize your space using her special technique — you'll never have to do it again. Best part can listen to this book WHILE you clean!

9. Get a Financial Life

Simon & Schuster Audio / Via

Bankers would have you believe that finance is an extremely hard thing that only suit-and-tie types can master, but this book argues it's pretty easy to get your money in order. From 401(k)s to stocks, Kobliner will help make you feel like a freaking adult that does adult stuff.

10. 48 Laws of Power

HighBridge / Via

Not to get all Darth Vader on everyone, but occasionally harnessing one's power is necessary. Boiling down 3,000 years of influence into just 48 "laws," Greene's book will help release the dictator we all sometimes need to be.

11. How To Win Friends & Influence People

Simon & Schuster Audio / Via

Perhaps the most famous self-help book of all — Dale Carnegie's 1936 classic is still weirdly relevant today. The secret to success isn't about domination; it's about listening and being genuinely interested in your fellow man.

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