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    Behind The Scenes Of Your Online Order

    Even if you pick 2 day shipping, a lot goes on behind the scenes to get you your online order. By the time your package gets to you, I'm sure it is happy to be home!

    So you just ordered the new book, movie or game you have been dying to get. You press the checkout button after you place it into your cart. Then the fun begins for your order.

    A unique ID is made for your item as it is put into the database. A picker runs and finds your item along with other peoples' and scans each one to make sure he picked the right items. He runs back and gives it to an operator where it is boxed in preparation for shipping.

    After being boxed, it is sent through a highway of conveyor systems

    where it is re-scanned, weighed, and dimensioned. It then continues on the conveyor belt until it gets to the right destination.

    A truck will then retrieve it and it starts on a road trip.

    After a few days, your item is at your door!