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13 Types Of Doors You Probably Need

Most people walk through doors everyday and don't even pay attention to them. With awesome doors like these, people are bound to notice.

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5. The automatic science fiction door (Etaf door)


No matter what size you are. This automatic door is always fit for your size. The Etaf door makes users feel like they're aboard a science fiction spacecraft, but the technology used to power it is pure 21st Century. The size of a standard-size door opening, the Etaf consists of about 35 rows of two-inch tall, vertical sliding metal bars that are split down the middle. When a user approaches the doorway, infrared sensors along the top and sides of the door sense a person's height and width. The corresponding bars mirror the silhouette, sliding the metal stripes on the door open just enough to let them through. It exhibits personalization at its best, with everybody who enters getting their own specific way in. (Source)

8. The revoling door that gives off energy


The Revolution Door is a modified revolving door comprised of three parts - a redesigned central core replacing that of any existing or new revolving door, a mechanical/electrical system that harnesses human energy and redistributes electricity to an output, and an output device that maps the harnessed energy. By mechanically harvesting a negligible amount of human energy and converting it to a tangible display through the use of a generator, the Revolution Door will directly communicate a single person's contribution to an energy cycle possible through the metabolic relationship between people, technology, and architecture. (Source)

10. The mirror sliding door


Sliding doors are a growing trend right now, the door just slides right across the wall. Many people are using bran doors but they are getting pretty creative and using almost any material now. (Source)

11. The evolution door

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