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Katy Perry Just Shaved Her Hair Off And WHEW! We're Shook

When will your fav shave off ha damn head?!

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Katy Perry's hair has been a TRIP these past few weeks. From long, luxurious curls, to a nice, sensible pixie cut, Katy's hair has been on a journey of self discovery.

Katy Perry / Via

PLOT TWIST: she did. Katy recently took it to the next level by axing even more from her short, platinum bob. And sorry haters, but she STILL looks poppin'.

*screams internally*

Katy Perry / Via Instagram: @katyperry

P!nk and Miley are shook.

FACT: If I tried pulling that haircut off, I'd look like a crusty thumb. But Katy does it and still looks like a queen of pop who's not afraid to roll up her sleeves and make a scene. INSPIRING.

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