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    • aubreyannea

      Im sorry Snowden, what did you think was going to happen to you when you take classified documents from the US government, run away toaforeign country with them then spout stuff about those documents to the whole world? You may have been right to make the world know what the government was doing but you CANNOT be all that surprised that all this stuff is happening to you. Actions have consequences. You knew this full-well and did it anyway and now you say its cost you your freedom, family and life? Oh please! This was the deal you made when you stole those documents. Get over yourself. Bradley Manning didn’t run away, and he took responsibility for what he did. He was right doing what he did but at least he knew not to run away. Thats real honor right there. Standing and fighting for what you believe in not running behind other countries while throwing out little jabs and personal pity party.

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