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26 Signs Wine Is Your One True Love

You had me at Merlot.

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1. You consider yourself a simple kind of person.

2. And there's only one real requirement for being your friend.

3. It's easy for you to pair a glass with just about anything.

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4. You pick your idols based on their drinking preferences.

5. You're familiar with where you can drink wine in public in the U.S. / Via Huffington Post

6. And you base your vacations around where the best wine is.

7. You’ve seriously considered dropping your job for certification in wine management instead.

8. Grocery shopping is pretty easy for you.

9. You tend to stick to the five basic food groups.

The ultimate #dream #foodpyramid for #wine #cheese & #chocolate lovers! πŸ·πŸΎπŸ§€πŸ« #OnceUponAWine #vinho #wein #vin #vino

Via Twitter: @onceuponawine_

You know. Red, white, sparkling, rose, and orange.

10. And you say you're just in it for the health benefits.

11. You've gotten pretty good at pacing yourself.

12. A good glass of wine is your way of boosting brainpower.

13. You're really good at defending your favorite habits.

14. You've learned to look classy while drinking.

15. But you're also okay with drinking at home in your PJs.

16. Your personal wish list includes gifts that will ensure you can have wine everywhere.

Because it's important to stay hydrated.

Because it's important to stay hydrated.

17. Everyone who knows you also knows what you need most in sticky situations.

18. You only drink coffee because it's weird to drink wine at work.


19. You'll never tell anyone where you hide your best bottles.

20. To you, wasting wine is a cardinal sin...

21. ...and you'll fight anyone who tries to take it from you...

Flight attendant - I'm going to need to take your wine glass before landing. Me - Not today, Satan.

22. you're unfamiliar with the problem of storing the leftovers.

23. Good wine is better than professional help to you.

24. Your boggart is an empty bottle.

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