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9 of the Biggest Business Social Media Fails EVER

A fair few businesses have suffered crippling social media fails in the past: some are hilarious, others are shameful, and so I’m going to countdown the 9 most cringe-worthy blunders. These aren’t the first of the business social media fails, and they certainly won’t be the last!

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9. HMV Fail

In 2013, new admin confirmed that there would be 190 firings throughout HMV, and it seemed that one of these many people had access to the company Twitter account. This angry individual took to the social media page and expressed their anger through some sarcastic, passive aggressive Tweets.

8. Coco-Cola Fail

With nothing but good intentions, Coco-Cola wished their consumers a happy new year by posting a snowy map of Russia, but to their dismay, actually managed to offend the nation by not including Crimea in the cartoon map. This all started a trend of people posting pictures of themselves pouring coke down the toilet with the hashtag #bancococola.

7. McDonalds Fail

One of the most popular fast-food chains in the world seemingly sent out a tweet announcing that Donald Trump was “disgusting” and had “tiny hands”. It took them a good 30 minutes to delete the tweet, as it gained thousands of retweets and likes. Once they noticed, McDonalds claimed that it was a hacker.

6. Chrysler Fail

In 2011, an employee managing the Chrysler’s Twitter page appeared to get confused up with their personal one and went on to express his road rage on the company Twitter whilst dropping an “F-Bomb” on the way. The employee was fired after the mistake.

5. Twitter Fail

Ironically, Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto, accidentally tweeted what clearly should have been a direct message. People were promptly on the case and speculated that it could have been about a millennial news start up called Mic.

4. American Apparel Fail

A member of the American Apparel social media team naively posted an image of smoke in celebration of the 4th of July, but quick thinkers recognised the photo as the Challenger disaster (which killed 7 astronauts); the company received a lot of backlash for being so careless and disrespectful. American Apparel deleted the image and issued an apology.

3. Gap Fail

In 2012 Gap used the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy as an opportunity to get sales; they sent out a tweet that swiftly acknowledged the hurricane, and then nonchalantly moved onto the topic of shopping. It’s not uncommon for businesses to use disasters in order to promote themselves.

2. MTV Fail

MTV Australia was heavily criticised for sending out a tweet during the Golden Globes regarding not being able to understand America Ferrera and Eva Longoria whilst they were speaking. An apology was issued, and they claimed that the tweet was a joke in response to something the women had said on stage.

1. Walkers Fail

Quite recently, crisp manufacturer, Walkers, started up a #WalkersWave campaign where they encouraged people to share a selfie on social media using the hashtag in order to win tickets to the Champion’s League Final. The submissions were then placed in a video, which revealed that people had sent in images of serial killers, sex offenders and more.

So it seems like no matter how swift you are on the delete button, or however quickly you issue that all-important apology – people may forgive, but they never forget! See if you could handling recovering from these fails by taking the social media guru test here….

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