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"I Was Unsafe At That Point": Constance Wu Tearfully Spoke About Her Attempted Suicide And What Pushed Her To That Point

"I read these DMs from an Asian actress, somebody who should have been my ally," Constance said. "And I felt like nothing I could ever do would be enough. I felt like the only thing that would prove to her that I felt as bad as she thought I deserved to feel would be if I died."

How Kimye Fell From Grace

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were once pop culture’s most powerful, iconic couple. But after 21 months of divorce chaos, that reputation lies in ruins.

Jennifer Lawrence took a long break from public life, but Heidi Pratt happily ate a raw bison heart in front of paparazzi

14 Celebs Who Opened Up About Becoming A "Recluse" Because Of Media Attention, And 9 Who Reportedly Called The Paparazzi On Themselves

Recently, Chloë Grace Moretz opened up about a paparazzi pic-turned-viral meme that made her so anxious about being photographed that she "basically became a recluse." While she's not alone in that experience, there are also some celebs who embrace that kind of attention and reportedly stage paparazzi pictures.

What Minimal Effort Recipes Do You Make On A Regular Basis That Have Become Staples In Your Household?

We are asking our readers to share their absolute favorite simple meals. Are you a busy mom who has a dinner that comes in clutch when you're pressed for time? Let us know. Do you work long or odd hours and have invented your own go-to easy meal? Are you a student or dad who has the PERFECT simple recipe? Tell us!

"They Doubled In Price": 34 Common Grocery Items That People Say Are Costing Them Way, Way More Than They Used To

"The other day I went to buy a pack of ramen that used to be 25 cents. I hadn’t bought any in a while and almost passed out to see it was now 45 cents. Can I still find 45 cents? Sure, but it just captures the whole problem. Prices didn’t jump; they did an Olympic pole vault."

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