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Woman in a maroon top, seated with arms crossed, looking skeptical or unimpressed

"I Did And Now We're Married": People Are Debating Whether They Would Date Someone From The Other Political Party

"It depends. I'd be open to dating someone with different political beliefs as long as they realize my opinions are also valid. Many people believe only their positions are correct and anything else, therefore, must be wrong. But there is one caveat: they need to believe certain things like LGBT rights, racism, and sexism are bad."

Megan Liscomb 11 hours ago
Side-by-side of Billie Eilish in sheer top with layers, and Taylor Swift in a sequined outfit

Taylor Swift Has Been Called Out After She Dropped Three New Variants Of “The Tortured Poets Department” On The Same Day As Billie Eilish’s Album Release After Billie Was Accused Of Shading Her

Reacting to the move, one person claimed that Taylor “hates seeing other women succeed” — and the star’s own fans are calling her out after being made to feel like “cash cows.”

Quiz graphic asking "What comfort food are you?" with images of chocolate chip cookies and French fries

What Comfort Food Are You?

See what food is best for your soul.

Sabrina Carpenter with visor labeled "Espresso" and pigtails

Which Type Of Coffee Are You?

"Say you can't sleep, baby, I know, that's that me, espresso!" ☕️

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