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It’s Official: Wife Guys Are Out

Ned Fulmer and Adam Levine are proof that nothing good comes from monetizing your role as a patriarchal monogamy doer — especially when you can’t even do the monogamy part.

15 Celebs You Probably Didn’t Realize Are Afro Latine

While promoting her movie Bolden back in 2019, Yaya DaCosta told theGrio how important it is that mainstream media is finally recognizing the fact that Black Latine people exist. "It’s nice that people are actually realizing what Latin America actually looks like and that there’s diversity," she said. "That yes, we speak Portuguese and Spanish… It’s nice that there is more inclusion, but it’s just the beginning."

Harrison Ford earned a grump reputation for his curt interview answers, and Lauryn Hill wrote a blog post rather than break her 10 years no interviews streak

14 Famous People Who Talked About How Much They Don’t Like Doing Interviews

Being a celebrity is like a reverse job application — you have to do interviews after the work is done. While some actors and musicians love to open up about their professional and personal lives, others despise it so much that they'll go YEARS without giving an interview.

Dannii Minogue struggled with comparisons to "perfect" Kylie, and the Vergara name helped Sofía's sister Sandra

A Lot Of Hollywood "Nepotism Babies" Have Famous Older Siblings — Here's What 14 Of Them Said About Growing Up In Their Shadow

In Hollywood, nepotism often extends to the siblings of the rich and famous. While that kind of boost can be good for your career, celebs like Noah Cyrus and Dannii Minogue have spoken out about how difficult it can be when you're constantly compared to your older sibling.

harry styles and florence pugh kissing in the film and a photo of olivia wilde

Why We All Owe Florence Pugh A Major Apology

Wilde's comments become more confusing, and the potential that they offended Pugh becomes more clear, after seeing the relatively sex-light film.

21 Incredibly Fascinating Things I Learned This Week That Sent Me Down Several Rabbit Holes

Back in the days of the Great Plague of London, farting in a jar was seen as a lifesaving measure. In 1655, doctors believed that the plague was a deadly air vapor that was caught by breathing in the atmosphere. They reasoned that if people smelled something equally potent, then it might lessen their chances of actually getting sick. People began farting in jars and keeping them at the ready to smell to ward off illness.

The Truth About Marilyn Monroe And The Kennedys, The Reason Why Hugh Hefner Is Buried Next To The Actor, And 19 Other Fascinating Facts And Stories About The Life Of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn allegedly told her friends that she had a thing for older men. In the 1940s, Marilyn and actor Shelley Winters were roommates. The duo made a list of men they wanted to sleep with. According to Winters, there was no one under 50 years old on Marilyn's list. "I never got to ask her before she died how much of her list she had achieved, but on her list was Albert Einstein, and after her death, I noticed that there was a silver-framed photograph of him on her white piano."