6 Weird UK Laws That May Or May Not Exist

Because crime doesn’t pay.

1. It’s illegal to cause a nuclear explosion.

This ones true, thanks to the Prohibition and Inspections Act of 1998. So make sure you think twice next time your in your personal nuclear reactor.

2. It’s illegal for women in Liverpool to be topless, unless they are a clerk in in a tropical fish store.

An old folks tale, furiously denied of existence by Liverpool City Council.

3. All caught whales and sturgeon are property of the monarch.

According to the Prerogative Regis, they both class as “royal fish”.

4. It’s illegal to handle Salmon in suspicious circumstances.

Also true under the Salmon Act of 1986. I don’t think kissing them counts though…

5. You’re breaking the law if you fire a cannon within 300 yards of any house.

Or anything larger than a fowling piece (whatever that is!) under the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839.

6. It’s illegal to crack an egg at the sharp end.

Supposedly an old law originating from Edward IV. Cracking an egg from the sharp end is weird in itself, let alone a law banning it!

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