11 Situations Where You Should Probably Keep Your Cell Phone Off The Table

With Live Tiles on your smart phone, it’s like having a personal assistant at your side at all times. But here are a few situations where you probably don’t want your personal assistant to be making announcements about your phone activities.

1. You probably shouldn't leave your phone on the desk in the cubicle you share at work.

2. Definitely not on the table during a hot date with your new girlfriend.

3. Or on the table when you're making plans for romantic date #2.

4. Definitely not when you're out with your new friends in a new city and trying to play it cool.

5. Definitely DO NOT leave your phone on the table during that job interview.

6. When you're out with your buddies and they just love to give you a hard time.

7. Actually, you should probably just keep your phone in your pocket all night.

8. Don't leave the phone on the table while you're with your professor at office hours.

9. Or having a quiet meal with your very conservative parents.

10. Or even your moderately liberal parents.

11. Maybe you should only leave it on the table if you're completely alone.

Visit AT&T to find out how you can get your hands on some of your very own Live Tiles.

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