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10 Moments In Your Work Day That Will Change Your Perspective Of Time

Tired of the nine to five? Let AT&T give you some perspective. While you’re trying to make it through your day, tons of things are quickly happening around you.

Start the day off right with a little tea. Doesn't take too long!


In this short amount of time - 20,337,128,553 gallons of water have evaporated from the earth's surface.

How fast can you type a hundred words?


This is the national average, and while you're besting it - the blood in your veins has traveled 14.8 miles.

Look at you, working so hard! But you've got to take a break from looking at the screen every ten minutes or so, alright?


While you were staring intently at your work, your heart beat 720 times.

You're feeling a little unproductive today. So you write yourself a motivational note. Good idea.


In the amount of time it took to do this, your body produced 26.7 watts of energy.

Impulsively, you refresh your email inbox. Anything new? Nope.


It only took a couple seconds, but in that amount of time, any number of Facebook's 1.11 billion users were logging on. Active users go on Facebook an average of four times a day.

Doodle time! Clear your head. Draw some of your go-to scribbles, then back to work.


During your doodle break, you created a whopping .0004 pounds of new skin.

2:00! Time for your important meeting. Bring your A game!


Twenty-two minutes! That's the exact record for a human holding their breath.

Around 3:00, you're crashing. Let out a big yawn, and a nice stretch. You deserve it.


While this was happening, consumers in the US spent about $2,604,166.00.

You're dying for some social interaction, now. Look over at your friend. How long does it take her to notice?


By the time she finally noticed, a sloth could have moved a distance of about one foot.

5:00! Time to leave! But you don't want to be the guy who's first out the door. So how long do you wait?


About a minute. In that amount of time, a cheetah can run a mile.

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