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10 Moments In Your Daily Routine That Will Change Your Perspective Of Time

WAKE UP! Time to start your day. AT&T understands. It's hard. But you’ll be surprised just how fast the world is moving while you're still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

In the single second in which it took your alarm to wake you up...


...the average human has had 7 thoughts.

You're up! Now you've gotta take a minute to will yourself to get up. One minute, eleven minutes - who's counting?


Guess what? While you're motivating yourself to make moves, 3,283,200 stars were born.

Dental hygiene is important!


The amount of time you spent brushing is about how long a human can survive, exposed, in space. 2 minutes.

Is your hair getting too long? Should you cut it? No. Maybe? Yes. Wait, no.


While you were considering a haircut, your body created 2,575,000,000 cells.

Mr. Kitty is hungry, you know. Give him some of those sweet, sweet crunchies.


Look out! A beam of light has traveled 5,961,600 miles while you were feeding your cat.

Now it's time to feed yourself. Get that milk, man.


Yikes, in those three seconds it took to grab the milk, you've traveled .86 miles. How? Remember - the earth rotates!

Alright, enough cereal. Time to get dressed. Which shirt are you going to wear?


In the amount of time it took you to pull that shirt over your sleepy face, the earth has traveled 73.8 miles around the sun.

Don't forget to keep it fresh.


Smelling nice is important. So is maintaining earth's population. While you were applying deodorant, 77 people were born.

Single loop, bunny ears - however you do it - do it. You've gotta get to work, friend.


Wow, you're fast! But in that short amount of time, there were 786 lightning bolts coming down in a bunch of different places.

Aaaaaaand you're back in bed. You almost made it out the door! But no. You've convinced yourself to take a well-deserved post-breakfast nap.


During your quick little cat nap, the continent you are sitting on has moved .000005 inches.

Things move very quickly, even when you're not - that's why you need AT&T 4G LTE. It's the nation's fastest network, so don't be afraid to use it.

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