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    Sep 13, 2016

    11 Signs You're Working With A Musician

    Even if they keep the fact that they like to shred on the guitar a secret, you can always tell that's what drives them.

    1. Their absent-minded pen-fidgeting during meetings is at a dramatically heightened level from everyone else. / Via

    This is the first thing any drummer learns.

    2. The. Constant. Tapping. (Even if it is surprisingly rhythmic.)


    Hot tip: If they're tapping with their thumbs up, they must be bassists.

    3. They have an uncanny ability to stretch their fingers into what look like complicated Harry Potter spells.


    Even if they are otherwise completely inflexible.

    4. They practice chord progressions during boring meetings.


    Some songs are just permanently ingrained.

    5. They sing the harmony part instead of the melody during karaoke.


    Who knows how to do that?

    6. And they sing the instrumental solo parts, too.


    Turns out you you don't need to just stand there and look awkward during that "20 second instrumental break."

    7. Dynamic nervous knee‐shaking.


    Air drums is a whole-body exercise.

    8. Their fingernails are ... different from other people's.

    This is the only time where function is more important than appearance for them.

    9. Their hand-clapping technique is worryingly impressive.


    And they cringe when other people clap off-rhythm.

    10. They're very particular about their headphones.


    The only person in the room who isn't content with the white earbuds.

    11. And as soon as your back is turned, they're playing air guitar.

    There's no way you can verify this. You just have to believe it's true.