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26 Songs That Perfectly Describe Every Phase Of Online Dating

Just because you can do it in your PJs doesn't mean it's easy. Here's a playlist that will keep you company through all the highs and lows of digital dating, inspired by NBC's new romantic comedy A to Z. Check it out on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c.

Click here to listen to the playlist while we take you through this list of online dating anthems.

A: Angus & Julia Stone, "Wherever You Are"

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When you decide to try online dating because you're sick of the bar scene.

B: Band of Skulls, "You Are All That I Am Not"

When you keep getting attention from people who have NOTHING in common with you.

C: The Clash, "Should I Stay or Should I Go"

When you decide to meet IRL, and they look N.O.T.H.I.N.G. like they did in their profile pic.

D: Daft Punk, "Get Lucky"

Because you're not *only* on these sites for a serious relationship.

E: Empires, "How Good Does It Feel"

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When you get a particularly *friendly* message from that one cutie you've been talking to.

F: Future Islands, "A Dream of You and Me"

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When you message back and forth forever but never end up actually meeting.

G: Vince Guaraldi, "You're in Love Charlie Brown"

When you're 98% sure you've found the profile belonging to that hot barista at your coffee shop.

H: Hundred Waters, "Show Me Love"

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When you spend way too many hours tweaking your profile trying to make it look perfect.

I: Inspiral Carpets, "Two Worlds Collide"

You just matched with a hottie and you realize you have tons of mutual friends.

J: Jenny O, "Come Get Me"

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When you reactivate your accounts after a breakup.

K: Kings of Leon, "Wait for Me"


When someone you favorited changes their relationship status to "Seeing Someone."

L: Lord Huron, "Ends of the Earth" / Via

When you increase the miles in your search range because you've officially checked out every profile in your area.

M: Bob Mould, "See a Little Light"


When you get a notification that someone you've had your eye on checked out your profile.

N: The National, "I Need My Girl"

When you just want to find someone who's an over 90% match so you can settle down already.

O: Odessa, "I Will Be There"

When you find someone you kinda like and decide to meet them IRL.

P: PAPA, "If You're My Girl, Then I'm Your Man"

When you decide to deactivate your dating site accounts. It's official — you're exclusive.

Q: Queen, "That Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

The reason you stay in the dating game no matter how many weirdos and creeps cross your path.

R: Linda Ronstadt, "Just One Look"

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When you find an ex's online dating profile.

S: Spoon, "Do You"

When you have no idea how to respond to a bizarre pick-up line.

T: The The, "This Is the Day" / Via

When you've had someone's profile favorited for three days, and TODAY you will finally message them.

U: U2, "Trip Through Your Wires"

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When you begin to suspect that you've been exchanging messages with a fake profile.

V: The Velvet Underground, "Pale Blue Eyes"

One of your requirements before you realized your list of demands was waaaay too specific.

W: The White Stripes, "Fell in Love with a Girl"


When you see someone who's exactly your type... but they're in a group picture, and you have no idea if it's their profile.

X: The XX, "Heart Skipped a Beat"

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When you see that someone you swiped right on just swiped right back.

Y: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Wedding Song"

When you realize you need a date for a wedding next weekend and start desperately hitting up all your sites.

Z: The Zombies, "This Will Be Our Year"

When you know this is the year you're going to find the one. They are out there, you know it, and you'll search every profile until you find them.

Check out NBC's A to Z for more great music, dating struggles, and relationship wins. Don't forget to tune in on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c.

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