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Which Hyotei Gakuen Team Member Are You?

Find out which Hyotei Gakuen Tennis Team member you are most like.

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  1. 1. What would you rather spend your allowance on?

    Treating out your friends/family
    I'd rather save money.
    Nothing in particular.
  2. 2. What's your favourite colour?

    None in particular/Not listed above
  3. 3. What's your favourite movie genre?

    European Movies regardless of new or old
    Action Movies
    Superhero Movies
    Romantic Movies
    Sci-fi Movies
    Fantasy Movies
    None in particular/Not listed above
  4. 4. Which of the following months is closest to your birthday?

  5. 5. What's/What was your worst school subject?

    Classic Literature
    None in particular/Not listed above
  6. 6. Which of the following would you use to describe yourself?

    Caring, loyal, soft-spoken
    Hardworking, stubborn, short-tempered
    Shy, hardworking, peculiar
    Quiet, gentle, laidback
    Proud, hardworking, notable
    Lazy, upbeat, talented
    Short-tempered, unpredictable, lively
    Capable, romantic, unpredictable
  7. 7. Which playing style do you think suits/would suit you the best?

  8. 8. What's your MBTI type?

    No idea/None of the above
  9. 9. What's your preferred type?

    Someone cocky
    Someone faithful
    Someone aesthetically pleasing
    Someone delicate
    Someone easy-going
    Someone strong-willed
    Someone cheerful
    None in particular/Not listed above
  10. 10. How do you feel about losing?

    I'm perfectly fine with it as long as it's memorable.
    I hate losing and tend to take it personally, as it hurts my pride.
    I feel hurt at the moment but it's only temporary as I try not to dwell on it too much.
    I don't particularly care whether I win or lose.
    I take it as a challenge to improve so it won't happen the next time.
    I feel disappointed in myself as if I haven't done the best I could in spite of all my efforts.
    I don't feel particularly down , in fact I respect my opponent for having proven they're actually stronger than me and if possible ask for a future rematch.
    I feel especially bitter and insist on a rematch until it's my win.
  11. 11. What's your favourite hobby?

    Going out with friends whenever possible.
    Watching movies/series.
    Collecting something.
    Staying at home and do absolutely nothing.
    Nothing in particular/None of the above.
  12. 12. What's your zodiac sign?

    None of the above/Not listed
  13. 13. How tall are you?

  14. 14. Do you like having attention drawn to you?

    Yes, all attention is good.
    No, I'd rather go unnoticed no matter the situation as I don't particularly care about others' attention.
    Depends on the context. If it's related to something I take pride in, definitely.
    I'd rather go unnoticed and let others shine instead.
    I'd rather go unnoticed, the less others know about me the better.
    Definitely. And the more praise I get, the better.
  15. 15. Which of the following do you fear the most?

    Losing at something you take pride in.
    Never improving at something you love, in spite of all your efforts.
    Disappointing those who are dear to you.
    Being alone.
    Being left behind.
    I'm not scared of anything in particular.
    Being easily read by others.
    To completely lose interest in something I really love.
  16. 16. Pick an animal out of the following:

  17. 17. Which of the following mottos appeals the most to you?

    "Even the smallest insect has half a soul."
    "Nobility resides in the mind, not in the blood."
    "All things come to those who wait."
    "Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven."
    "The lower rule the higher."
    "One for all, All for one. "
    "Never give up."
    None of the above mentioned.
  18. 18. Out of the following places, where would you rather live?

Which Hyotei Gakuen Team Member Are You?

You got: Atobe Keigo

Keigo Atobe (跡部景吾, Atobe Keigo) is the captain of Hyōtei Gakuen, having defeated all of the members of the team during his first year. Atobe is a "Zenkoku ku" (全国区), which means a national level player. Atobe is severely narcissistic and arrogant, but despite that he's also charming and popular between both boys and girls. He has earned his position through very hard work and real talent. He also truly appreciates the worth of both his teammates and rivals and is rather generous, using his allowance to buy things for his teammates.

Atobe Keigo
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You got: Oshitari Yuushi

The Tensai (Genius) of Hyotei Academy and also know as "Man of 1000 Techniques". Oshitari is originally from Kansai. Yushi is shown to be the "triple C's" (cool, calm, and collected). He also admits he tries to be cool and it is revealed that he only wears glasses since he felt he looked cooler in them as he does not actually need them and has good eyesight.

Oshitari Yuushi
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You got: Akutagawa Jirō

Jirou is usually seen sleeping, giving him the nickname "Sleeping Beauty". When he is playing tennis, especially against a worthy opponent, he will be overly excited about the match. When the match is over, he will go back to napping. Jirō is a volley specialist and his play style is Serve and Volley which was inspired by Marui Bunta during their freshman year. Jirō is perhaps the only player in the series who is perfectly content with a loss as long as it is memorable.

Akutagawa Jirō
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You got: Kabaji Munehiro

Kabaji Is the stamina house of Hyōtei Academy. He is known for his great speed and adaptability. He rarely speaks and answers Atobe's questions with only a "usu". Kabaji is actually quite delicate despite his looks and can actually be quite touched emotionally by many events.

Kabaji Munehiro
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You got: Gakuto Mukahi

Gakuto Mukahi (向日岳人, Mukahi Gakuto) is a doubles player who is typically paired up with Yūshi Oshitari. He is exceptionally talented at acrobatic play. He is quite arrogant and takes pride in his acrobatics. According to teammates, Mukahi cannot keep still.

Gakuto Mukahi
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You got: Ōtori Chōtarō

Ōtori is the doubles one player for Hyotei Academy. He is shown not only to be selfless but also a kind and gentle character who respects his senpai and fellow students with a great consideration and understanding. He normally is very polite and somewhat soft spoken but is also strong and loyal. To the people that he trusts mosts he is able to put himself last in order to help them out. He is a hardworking person who is willing to spend hours perfecting his flaws. Despite being very cooperative, he does not possess enough leadership talent according to his upperclassmen. He is not the kind of person who lives off praises and compliments but would prefer it if people were honest with him. Ootori knows whenever he is wrong and is always able to apologize properly. He values the people in his life a lot more than his personal pride.

Ōtori Chōtarō
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You got: Shishido Ryō

Shishido Ryō is the overconfident (predominantly doubles) player of Hyōtei Academy. Shishido hates to lose, and frequently claims that losing is lame. He's an extremely hard worker and everything he's gained was from pure determination. He's also willing to sacrifice things precious to him in order to obtain his goals.

Shishido Ryō
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You got: Hiyoshi Wakashi

Hiyoshi is a 2nd year from Hyōtei Academy whose favorite saying is "Gekokujo," which means to out do and/or surpass a senpai or upperclassman. He proved to be capable of living the phrase to its fullest. He is a strong player who specializes in "Enbu Tennis". He is a very capable singles player who does not have an open personality and can sometimes come across as a bit hostile. Despite his rather unfriendly personality, Hiyoshi is rather quiet and speaks in an almost dead pan voice. He is very determinded to beat his upperclassmen and this goal is unshakable.

Hiyoshi Wakashi
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