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    The 51 Most Powerful Pinners In The World

    From Thailand to Brazil to the UK and U.S., these power Pinterest users dominate all things delicate and delicious, from tiny donuts to vintage art. Behold the might of power pins.

    1. Joy Cho: 6,730,852 followers

    She pins about pretty much everything cute and pinterest-y: tiny donuts, glitter utensils and girly typography.

    2. Jane Wang: 5,424,187 followers

    The chinstrapped penguin is a pretty eclectic pinner, with lots of traditional Japanese dishes and articles about DNA structure. She's also the mom of co-founder Ben Silbermann — who would be on this list if he hadn't nuked his account a few months back.

    3. Bonnie Tsang: 4,283,883 followers

    Mostly architecture and interior design pins from Bonnie, but also lots of overlap with #1 pinner Joy Cho. Tiny donuts round two!

    4. Bekka Palmer: 4,231,352 followers

    The Brooklynite keeps it clean and simple, mostly pins photographs of friends and vintage finds.

    5. Maryann Rizzo: 4,106,690 followers

    She's pinned iron gates, the Giza Pyramids and cheesy broccoli orzo. I have no idea how Pinterest works.

    6. Cathie Hong: 4,085,930 followers

    Boots, boots, and more boots. Oh and porcelain potted things you can hang from your walls that kind of look like a giant dinosaur eggs with a strap.

    7. Harper's Bazaar: 3,446,799 followers

    Fashion stuff, duh

    8. Molly Pickering: 3,354,708 followers

    Lots of inspirational quotations — not sure how you buy those.

    9. Christine Martinez: 3,101,397

    Cool patterns, flowing skirts and FOOD finally.

    10. pejper: 3,069,350 followers

    11. Michael Wurm, Jr. : 3,051,312 followers

    Things from Sweden not from Ikea.


    12. Luiza _ : 2,971,764 followers

    DIY dried flower, scarves, nail polish — you name it, Luiza's pinned it.

    13. Sha Hwang: 2,898,730 followers

    Science and tech articles, with 50+ comments. Pinterest does words!

    14. Mike D: 2,844,900 followers

    Pinterest for dudes!

    15. Jan of Poppytalk: 2,726,583 followers

    How to be really freaking organized.

    16. v e a n a d: 2,663,651 followers

    Black and white babes

    17. HonestlyWTF: 2,615,154 followers

    Staying true to WTF with cotton candy hairstyles and pink crystals.

    18. Stephanie Brinkerhoff: 2,486,041 followers

    BRAIDS. It was only a matter of time before a top pinner was a hair braid-enthusiast.

    19. Beauty Bets | Elizabeth Dehn: 2,484,675 followers

    Make-up, nail polish, beauty products — heavy on the pink/reds!

    20. Jessica Comingore: 2,458,990 followers

    Delicate things.

    21. Helle ▲▲▼▲▲: 2,450,496 followers

    This egg pins some pretty weird stuff, like smoke and blacked out windows. I don't know many eggs on Twitter with over two million followers though.

    22. Evan Sharp: 2,435,080 followers

    The Pinterest co-founder and former architect pins mostly about (not surprisingly) architecture.

    23. Jennifer Crighton: 2,433,531 followers

    Lots of cabinets and cookies.

    24. synapse . : 2,421,567 followers

    Going home right now to make this ANT HILL CAKE. Like, a cake as big as an ant hill.

    25. april and may: 2,345,409 followers

    Ceramic cups and bowls in every shade of white/gray.

    26. Jennifer Chong: 2,279,871 followers

    I want to eat everything Jennifer Chong has ever pinned.

    27. Neille Hepworth: 2,249,583 followers

    More inspirational quotations and dreaming, believing, flying, etc. etc.

    28. EZ Pudewa: 2,186,678 followers

    Mini tents! To sleep in after you ride your mini horse.

    29. Trey Ratcliff: 2,176,866 followers

    Really exotic/odd vacation spots, maybe?

    30. Lauren Zwanziger: 2,138,631 followers

    Models and things normal people could never wear.

    31. Kathy Myers: 2,135,410 followers

    Kathy is ready for Halloween, six weeks in advance.

    32. Rachel Turnbull: 2,125,767 followers

    Nature! Pinterest style.

    33. Bright.Bazaar / : 2,106,621 followers

    Pinterest not for dudes.

    34. mrs. french * : 2,079,623 followers

    Not very French, if you ask me.

    35. Style Me Pretty: 2,073,745 followers

    The most powerful wedding Pinterest.

    36. Kate @ Wit + Delight: 2,064,091 followers

    That is not a piece of toast, it is a plate for toast.

    37. Marcelo Baldin: 2,058,752 followers

    Everything you need to design the most cold, uncomfortable looking home ever.

    38. Marja Schwedler: 2,048,314

    Not exactly recipes, just pictures of individual vegetables. Squash! Peaches!

    39. Amanda Livesay: 2,036,355 followers

    A Pinterest for those that have always wondered how to make a snowman in a freezer or how to turn a giant tree into the creepiest thing ever.

    40. janelle w. : 2,031,128 followers

    food food food food fooooood

    41. Sophie Kalmar: 2,028,814 followers

    Flower lights, paths, pots. And some food.

    42. Cherie Blankeship: 2,027,506 followers

    More pins for obsessive compulsive organizers.

    43. Lolli Gonzales: 2,014,540 followers

    Salted caramel lava cake, chicken fried steak, dulce de leche cheesecake bars — a Pinterest for how to make your heart stop.

    44. Linda Jordan: 2,012,037 followers

    Bacon hearts.

    45. H. M.: 2,003,289 followers

    Baby swag.

    46. Rebecca Marsh: 1,997,961 followers

    Hands down the most unique power pinner with these small, strange figurines.

    47. Maureen Jordan: 1,995,392 followers

    I was really worried no one in the top 51 was going to pin adorable PUPPIES so thank Maureen!

    48. Joseph Knoop: 1,995,249 followers

    Bro pins are way more boring.

    49. Paula Coop McCrory: 1,994,169 followers

    Clothes and art and food and EVERYTHING IS THE SAME on Pinterest.

    50. Maia McDonald: 1,870,744 followers

    Homes you will never live in, food that probably looks a lot better than it tastes and clothes you can't afford.

    51. Matt Buchanan: 1,786,543 followers

    (Just kidding boss!)

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