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    27 Things You Can't Do Without Facebook

    The world's largest social network isn't for everyone, but it seems like every day there's more stuff you just can't do without Facebook. Sigh.

    1. Prove you're not a serial killer for Airbnb rentals

    You can still rent places on Airbnb without a Facebook account, but having one makes it much easier, since it allows hosts to rent to mutual friends or scope profiles before opening their home to a stranger.

    2. See what music your friends are listening to

    As of September, Spotify is no longer a Facebook-only service, but it might as well be — the e-mail option is buried below LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. It also provides a real-time feed of everything your friends are listening to on Spotify.

    3. Have a simple alibi if you're accused of a crime

    "Wherer [sic] my IHOP" kept a Brooklyn, NY, teenager from being charged with robbery, since the Facebook status update provided a solid alibi: a time and a location.

    4. Get a job at Facebook

    You can't work at Facebook without a Facebook account. Go figure.

    5. Get a job at a public agency

    Earlier this year reports surfaced of public agencies requiring applicants to submit their Facebook log-in and password. If you don't have one at all, it could raise a few eyebrows.

    6. See what videos your friends are watching

    A VEVO redesign in May urged users to login with Facebook for personalized video playlists.

    7. Crowdsource locating missing pets with zero effort

    A Facebook ad for Zion helped track down the missing cat within 30 minutes of putting it up.

    8. See exactly where your friends who have Facebook are

    Let's be honest, no one uses Apple's Find My Friends. But Locate does the same thing — for Facebook users, of course.

    9. Comment on your favorite website

    TechCrunch is just one of many sites that have moved exclusively to Facebook comments in an attempt to silence the trolls. (Some trolls have proven fairly resistant to the harsh light of Facebook de-anonymizing, though.)

    10. Share life's biggest moments


    Because it's not a BIG moment if it's not on Facebook.

    11. Stay truly connected with your grandparents

    Facebook is where grandparents and grandchildren are connecting like never before, says The Wall Street Journal.

    12. Publicly prove you are smarter than your friends / Via

    Games like Scramble and Words with Friends don't require you to log in with Facebook but they HIGHLY encourage it. (Plus, when you beat your friends, you can't post it Facebook, so it basically doesn't count.)

    13. Poke someone in an acceptable manner

    14. Talk to people against their will

    15. Find friends who will give you their organs


    Facebook has made it way, way easier to see who will give you their kidneys.

    16. Discover the secret of eternal beauty

    17. Revisit old digital memories instantly

    You can't go back and revisit digital memories with apps like Timehop without a Facebook account.

    18. Easily converse in pirate

    19. Force your religious beliefs on others

    21. Change the world

    22. Have an address and an open invitation to spam

    23. See who voted with your same name!!!!


    This is a really important thing you can't do without Facebook.

    24. Get your lost wallet returned

    Because how else can people be expected to find you?

    25. Find some cute babies to adopt

    Instead of going through a traditional adoption agencies, more families are using Facebook to adopt children. Woo-hoo!

    26. Say good-bye, digitally

    "Current means to share notice of someone’s dying or add comments can make an awkward event even more uncomfortable." Good thing there's RIP App.

    27. Win free swag


    Obviously Facebook is not the only place to win free stuff, but without it, it's harder to know when Safeway is practically throwing free turkeys your way.

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