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27 Things You Can't Do Without Facebook

The world's largest social network isn't for everyone, but it seems like every day there's more stuff you just can't do without Facebook. Sigh.

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1. Prove you're not a serial killer for Airbnb rentals

You can still rent places on Airbnb without a Facebook account, but having one makes it much easier, since it allows hosts to rent to mutual friends or scope profiles before opening their home to a stranger.

2. See what music your friends are listening to

As of September, Spotify is no longer a Facebook-only service, but it might as well be — the e-mail option is buried below LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK. It also provides a real-time feed of everything your friends are listening to on Spotify.


9. Comment on your favorite website

TechCrunch is just one of many sites that have moved exclusively to Facebook comments in an attempt to silence the trolls. (Some trolls have proven fairly resistant to the harsh light of Facebook de-anonymizing, though.)

12. Publicly prove you are smarter than your friends / Via

Games like Scramble and Words with Friends don't require you to log in with Facebook but they HIGHLY encourage it. (Plus, when you beat your friends, you can't post it Facebook, so it basically doesn't count.)