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27 Reasons To Use Flash Drives From Pinterest

Forget Dropbox or THE CLOUD, these USB drives are way cooler.

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1. Nibbled Ice Cream Bar

2. Tasty Watermelon Slice

3. Strawberry

4. Philips-Swarovski Crystal-Coated Bling Drive


5. Unappetizing Sushi

6. Ringpop That Doesn't Taste Good

7. Babushka Russian Doll

8. Crystal-Covered Broken Heart


9. Teeny Tiny Camera

10. The Avengers, Sans Joss Whedon's Snappy Dialogue

11. Taco Bell Border Sauce Packet

12. Strangely Realistic Tempura Shrimp


13. Two-Day-Old Glazed Donut

14. Man-Eating Flowers

15. Happy Grover!

16. A Bunch Of Watermelons


17. Thirst Quencher

18. Weird Pie

19. Whoa I Don't Know About This One

20. Wood


21. Broken Wax Seal

22. Flash Drive In A Bottle

23. Corked

24. The Prettiest Flash Drive


25. More Flowers

26. Nerd Swiss Army Knife

27. Lady Buggin'