11 Awesome Math Foods

The Möbius bagel isn’t the only edible expression of human genius to grace the Internet. And thank goodness.

1. Venn diagram pizza

The left circle: bacon and mushroom.
The right circle: red pepper.
The intersection: flavor explosion.

(made in a custom Venn diagram quiche pan)

3. Menger sponge cake

The Menger sponge: Cubes cut from cubes cut from cubes.

4. Sierpinski carpet cookies

The Sierpinski carpet is similar to the Menger sponge, wherein a square is cut into subsquares, but it is not three dimensional (even though these cookies technically are).

5. Sierpinski candy corn triangle

The Sierpinski triangle is a self-repeating fractal made from one equilateral triangle that breaks down into smaller equilateral triangles.

6. Sierpinski Hamantaschen triangle (the Sierpinskitaschen)

7. Polyhedra pumpkins

Leonardo da Vinci loved the polyhedra because you can see the front and back edge of a solid at the same time.

8. Dodecahedron apples

A polygon with 12 flat faces. Excitement!

9. Pythagorean crackers

10. Pythagorean cheez-its

OMG the total number of crackers in the two smaller squares equals the total number of crackers in the larger square!

11. And of course, the Möbius bagel

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