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11 Airport Struggles Every Human Who Travels Knows Too Well

The struggle is real, but not at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). ATL is the world's most traveled and most efficient airport with world-class dining and entertainment. Never eat a sad airport salad again.

1. When you get there early but then security only takes like five minutes so you have two hours to kill in the airport when you could have been sleeping.

2. When you try to fit into a bathroom stall with your luggage.

3. When you have a connection at a weird time and you're so exhausted you just can't.

4. When you find an available power outlet but it doesn't WORK FOR MYSTERIOUS REASONS.

5. When the bathroom is like a mile down the concourse from your gate.

6. When you've flown with this carry-on bag before and you know it fits in the overhead but they make you gate check it anyway.

7. When all the zone 5 people crowd the line once zone 1 people are called.

8. When you somehow go to the wrong terminal.

9. When you're lining up by number and you scope someone with a higher number trying to cut in front of you.

10. When your phone dies so you have nothing to occupy your time.

11. And when you can't find healthy food options.

Looking for something that's not deep-fried? The ATL Airport has you covered with 300+ restaurant and retail options, live music, and rotating art displays. Not to mention plenty of power outlets!

And now ATL is the first airport in the US to use a smart security lane system, making your arrival easier than ever before.