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    19 TikTok Products From Walmart You'll Feel Pretty Darn Pleased With Yourself For Owning

    And in this installment of TikTok Made Me Buy It...

    1. An affordable, full-coverage concealer that performs just as well (if not better) than some top-tier concealers that cost five times as much. If there's one thing to know about E.l.f it's that they carry a ton of dupes that will make you question why you were spending so much money on makeup to begin with.

    a photos on the concealers in multiple shades

    2. A floral sleeve blouse just in case you're in need of a statement-making top to wear this winter. For under $20, you'll be the center of attention every time you walk into a room with this top plus you'll feel amazing about your outfit choice.

    model wearing the blouse in red

    3. A set of clear, drawer-style storage bins so you can finally organize all the spaces in your home that you swore you'd do earlier in the year, starting with your tornado of a closet. As always, there's no judgment here but let's try to get this home organization project squared away before the new year.

    the storage bins used in a closet

    4. A classic cropped faux fur jacket because you're always on the hunt for the right outerwear to pair with your fancy occasion outfits. As tempting as it may be to throw on a basic cardigan, you'll feel much better in this — I promise.

    model wearing the jacket in the cinnamon spice colorblock colorway

    5. A social media-famous blow-dryer brush that will instantly level up your skills as a beautician. If you ever wished you could achieve a voluminous salon blowout from home, look no more. This blow-dryer brush features three speeds and heat settings plus a cool button to help you get the hair of your dreams in record time.

    the blow dryer brush

    6. An aesthetically pleasing cookware set if you've been holding on to the same pots and pans since your college days and it's time for an upgrade. You've been telling yourself you want to become a better cook and the first step is having the right tools on hand. Start here!

    the cookware set in white being used in the kitchen

    7. And a programmable 6-quart slow cooker so you can stop making excuses to order out and make an actual wholesome meal instead. You can literally cook while you do other things that are important to you such as catching up on your latest binge or scrolling down your TikTok For You page.

    person preparing a meal using the slow cooker

    8. A 30-piece Sharpie set because you always end up finding a reason to need a marker yet haven't sprung to get any (yet again). Also, you've been thinking about picking up a hobby to please your inner child. What better hobby than drawing and using the spinner to pick your colors for you?

    9. An Oreo dunking set if you or someone else in the fam are fans of this famous stuffed, chocolatey treat and love pairing it with a cold glass of milk.

    the oreo dunking set

    10. A nonslip, cushioned detangling brush so you can properly loosen any knots and tangles without ripping through your hair. Remember what happened the last time you didn't use the correct tool to detangle? Let's avoid a repeat of that and use this brush instead.

    the kiss detangling brush

    11. A two-pack of fuzzy socks because they always come in handy when the weather outside is frightful. These socks are made from a soft chenille material and have textured bottoms making them perfect for walking around in.

    the socks in light pink

    12. A revitalizing scalp exfoliator formulated to lift dirt, impurities, and build-up from your scalp no matter your hair type. Featuring apricot seed powder, marigold, and willow bark extract, this product helps you work towards your hair goals because a healthy scalp = healthy hair.

    model using the product on another model's hair

    13. A 2-in-1 coffee and espresso machine so you can jump-start your New Year resolution to save more money, starting with cutting out your $ 10-a-day coffee habit. If you've been saving endless barista-inspired TikTok videos on the app, now is the time to start actually trying them.

    photo of the coffee + espresso machine with fresh brew

    14. A viral, spacious tote bag you can carry to the gym or during a weekend getaway (whichever comes first). This trusty tote bag is equipped with a top zipper closure, double carry handles, and a removable adjustable shoulder strap so you can rock it as comfortably and cutely as possible.

    person holding the bag in fuschia

    15. A fruit-scented, strong-hold, edge gel that actually keeps your edges in place from sunrise to sunset (if that's your vibe). Whether you're simply laying down baby hairs or adding some flare with swirls and swoops, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how this product over-delivers. I'm currently on a quest to find KISS's secret formula for this product because I! need! to! know!

    the edge gel

    16. A pack of customizable acne patches so you can take those pesky acne breakouts down even while you sleep. If you're late to the pimple patch party, they're made from hydrocolloid bandages that literally suck the life and the gunk out of your pimples.

    person using the acne patch

    17. A clarifying hair shampoo for when you need a deep, DEEP clean. This sulfate-free formula features aloe, honey, and willow-bark extract to leave your hair and scalp feeling revitalized and hydrated (never stripped of moisture). If you skipped wash day this week for yet another bottomless brunch, this is your sign to cut the bull and the grime — like, today.

    the clarifying shampoo

    18. A warm, vanilla body oil so you can satisfy your dehydrated skin while smelling like fresh baked goods (because who wouldn't want that?). This lightweight body oil features squalene, avocado, and rosehip oil to leave your skin soft, supple, and never greasy. And yes, you can use it on your feet which you and I both know are in desperate need of moisture (no shade).

    19. A 4-piece set of wineglasses for white wine so you can toast to finding some of the best Walmart recommendations that TikTok has to offer. I know you're pretty pleased with these finds and that's more than enough reason to celebrate in style with a glass of your favorite vino.

    the wine glass filled with wine

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