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Some Of Your Favorite Brands That Have Pulled A "Nivea" Once Or Twice

Nivea's latest advert taglined "White is Purity" has the internet in a frenzy BUT some of your favorite brands have been "guilty" of doing this for years.

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First and foremost

Nivea / Via CNN Money

This is not to bash any brand out there. Though I don't 100% agree with some of the borderline racist ads that some beauty brands put out, my marketing brain understands it. Recently, Nivea put out a questionable ad (and retracted it) after folks called them out for it.

As a beauty consultant, I learned more about ideals of beauty as it pertains to countries around the world. Some countries such as India, some in Africa and China for an example hold brighter or "whiter" skin as a standard. This, more often than not, is reflected in the marketing efforts of some of the brands that we know and love. It may seem effed up but it's called target marketing people! Let's take a look, shall we?


Rakuten Global Market / Via

FYI, I used to be a Clinique consultant and I can't tell you how frustrated foreigners are when they realize whitening/brightening products are not included in Clinique's American Market product line up.

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