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    31 Hair Products From Walmart With Reviews That’ll Make You Immediately “Add To Cart”

    If you're looking for the best products for your tresses from Walmart, hair they are.

    1. A purple-tinted shampoo for blondes because brassy strands are a pain in the you-know-what. According to some Walmart reviewers, Not Your Mother's Blonde Moment shampoo puts salon-grade purple shampoos to shame. Whether you're a natural blonde or not, you should have this in your collection to keep your hair vibrant at all times.

    the purple shampoo

    2. And of course, a purple conditioner to finish off your washday on a smooth note. This conditioner doesn't only help you on your mission to kiss brass and yellow tones buh-bye, but it also leaves natural, dyed, or highlighted blonde hair moisturized and manageable.

    the purple conditioner

    3. A heat-resistant, carbon fiber pin-tail comb so you can get salon-quality results right from the comfort of your home. Quick tip: If you flat-iron your hair, use this comb to do the chase method, which will give you the sleekest straight locks you've ever imagined. FYI, the comb is heat resistant up to 460 degrees, so you don't have to worry about it melting into your strands in the process.

    model using the comb

    4. A honey-infused recovery hair mask because sometimes curls and coils need a little extra TLC to live their best lives. This nourishing hair mask does more than simply condition hair — it strengthens strands from the inside out, minimizing breakage and leaving you with shiny, bouncy tresses.

    the recovery mask

    5. A social media famous blow-dryer brush that will instantly level up your skills as a kitchen beautician. If you ever wished you could achieve a voluminous salon blowout from home, look no more. This blow-dryer brush features three speeds and heat settings plus a cool button to help you get the hair of your dreams in record time.

    the blow-dryer

    6. Or a ceramic hair waver so you can finally achieve those effortless beach waves that you've been seeing all over your feed. The ceramic technology helps achieve frizz-free waves every time, and the swiveling flex-cord prevents you from getting tangled up as you navigate through your mane (we've all been there).

    model using the hair waver

    7. A color-safe "curl boosting" hair mousse because your curls deserve hold and definition that doesn't leave your hair feeling crunchy. Not sure who needed to hear this, but it also smells like a berry smoothie if you're into that sort of thing. Wins all across the board!

    the mousse bottle with images of berries

    8. A superior holding hairspray so you can lock in your freshly styled hair. You don't know pain until you've spent hours perfecting your hair just for it to literally fall victim to environmental factors that are out of your control. Damn you, humidity and wind!

    the hair spray

    9. A build-up busting scalp shampoo for those suffering from conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, or seborrheic dermatitis. The active ingredient in this formula, 3% salicylic acid, works to remove the crust from your scalp instantly but also over time. Basically, you need to stock up on this shampoo to finally give your scalp some much deserved relief.

    10. A lightweight, intense moisturizing leave-in conditioner that you'll obsess over from just one whiff simply because it smells like an exotic fruit salad. From providing your hair with natural shine to making detangling a breeze, there are so many things to love about this leave-in — consider your hair routine transformed forever.

    the leave in conditioner in a puddle of honey

    11. A clarifying hair shampoo for when you need a deep, DEEP clean. This sulfate-free formula features aloe, honey, and willow-bark extract to leave your hair and scalp feeling revitalized and hydrated (never stripped of moisture). If you skipped wash day this week for yet another bottomless brunch, this is your sign to cut the bull and the grime — like, today.

    the clarifying shampoo

    12. A rosemary and mint strengthening oil that will help your hair retain length. Whether your hair is damaged due to coloring, tension, or neglect, this oil blend will do wonders for improving your scalp health and getting your crowning glory back on the right track.

    a hand holding the hair oil

    13. A quick drying blow-dryer that's also lightweight so you no longer have to strain your wrists to thoroughly dry your hair. You simply can't go wrong with this affordable blow-dryer, so do yourself a favor and add it to your cart expeditiously.

    the blow dryer

    14. A creamy, curl defining custard that is heaven-sent for curly and coily naturalistas looking to achieve their best wash 'n' go yet. I feel like I don't have to say this, but contrary to the name, it is *not* edible — though you may be tempted to try it (the texture and scent are everything).

    a hand pulling a dollop of the curl custard out of the container

    15. A set of hot rollers so you can channel your inner '90s vixen. If you're at the bottom of the learning curve in regards to using a curling iron (same), this is the cheat code so you, too, can get bouncing curls minus the stress and hours of labor. Best of all, this set is travel friendly so you can even take them on that Caribbean island vacation you have coming up with bae.

    the black and purple hot rollers

    16. An anti-static flat iron that's guaranteed to leave your hair with 50% less static and flyaways. If it generally takes you forever to flat-iron your hair, you'll be happy to know that the plates on this bad boy are 30% longer than the average length of a flat iron, which means you can get your hair done much quicker.

    before and after photo using the flatiron

    17. A smoothing and detangling comb with a hook because quite frankly, detangling is important and you can't really make excuses if you have the right tool hanging in your shower as a constant reminder. This easy grip detangling comb works for virtually every hair texture to ensure you're not ripping through your tresses on wash day.

    the detangling comb

    18. An award-winning styling gel for braids, twists, and locks because I know how hard it can be to find the perfect products to style your hair without weighing it down or leaving residue on your strands. Not only will this gel help take your hairstyling to the next level, but it will also infuse it with some much needed nourishment in the process thanks to shea butter and coconut, avocado, almond, jojoba seed, olive, mango seed, carrot seed, and grapeseed oils. Whew!

    a hand holding the container of gel

    19. A tried and true spiking hair gel that is also loved by wig wearers because of its ability to adhere even the heaviest lace wig units all day long under hot, sweaty conditions. If you're on the hunt for a gel that can survive a wind tunnel but also is super easy to wash out, look no further!

    the spiking glue gel

    20. A must-have heat protectant spray because would you grab a hot pan without oven mitts? No, you wouldn't! This spray protects your hair for up to 450 degrees, FYI, and here's a little word of advice: Spray it on wet hair before blow-drying, then again (lightly) before flat-ironing or curling (waiting for the product to dry before applying direct heat).

    the heat protectant

    21. A smoothing detangling paddle brush to help you get rid of knots and tangles that may arise at any moment. It's safe to use on wet or dry hair, but remember to start from your ends and work your way up to minimize unnecessary breakage and stress that can potentially be put onto your hair.

    the detangle brush

    22. A fruit-scented, strong-hold, edge gel that actually keeps your edges in place from sunrise to sunset. Whether you're simply laying down baby hairs or adding some flare with swirls and swoops, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how this product overdelivers. I'm currently on a quest to find KISS's secret formula for this product because I need to know...BRB.

    the edge gel

    23. A salon-worthy honey leave-in conditioner that's here to make your locks so luscious, you're going to wish I mentioned it earlier in this post. At last, you can stop playing mixologist in your kitchen and grab honey that is *actually formulated* to do what you need it to do for your hair. You're very welcome!

    the bottle of honey hydrate leave in

    24. An argan oil infused, anti-humidity smoothing milk so you can effortlessly fight frizz and leave the bad hair days behind you. In conclusion, this stuff work and smells nice so you need to add it to your cart ASAP.

    the green bottle of smoothing milk

    25. A brunette-friendly dry shampoo because no one wants to choose between having refreshed hair or dealing with an unsightly white cast (phew!). Be amazed as your hair is left looking voluminous, textured, and, of course, smelling like the sweet blend of bergamot, white peach, and vanilla bean. Yum!

    two bottles of the dry shampoo in brunette and dark hair

    26. An at-home hair coloring kit that guarantees 100% gray coverage. If you've already binged a ton of hair coloring content on YouTube and TikTok and finally feel like giving it a go, this is one of the best hair-dyeing kits that money can buy. Trust me on this one.

    27. A Jamaican black castor oil-infused water so you can get all the hair-loving benefits of JBCO without dealing with the greasy mess that comes with it. This special type of castor oil is said to help promote scalp health, and this spray version provides the same benefits without the unwanted weight of a straight-up oil. Strengthen your hair with every spray!

    the jamaican black castor oil water

    28. A conditioning apple cider rinse that gently cleanses your scalp and doesn't leave your hair smelling funky like that DIY version you tried one time. Let's make a pact to leave the hair treatments to the professionals and stop mixing up things in our kitchen — agreed?

    two models holding the bottles of rinse

    29. A hair treatment that's designed for damaged hair but most importantly for lazy girls that complain about not having enough time to give their hair the attention it needs. It literally only takes *eight seconds* for this product to transform your hair to being silkier, shinier, and healthier looking. Do both you and your hair a favor and stop making excuses. K?

    the rinse out treatment

    30. A silicone-tip scalp massager so you can get a deeper clean when shampooing your hair. FYI, it's super gentle on your scalp so no need to worry about irritating even the most sensitive skin. Also, you may want to carve out a little more time than usual for washing your hair because you'll enjoy this massager a bit more than you'd expect.

    the scalp massager

    31. A pack of no-damage hair ties because you deserve to rock a ponytail with peace of mind. With these thick hair-friendly scrunchies, you no longer have to worry about yanking out clumps of hair when pulling out your pony or bun. Did we mention that they also don't stretch out over time? Yup, you may want to grab some ASAP.

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