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13 Alberta Friend Dates Perfect For Welcoming Spring

So long, Alberta winter. There are plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy the thaw with your BFF! You can also celebrate by opening a new chequing account with ATB Financial: You'll get $350 and then another $150 if you refer a friend.

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3. Help each other deck out your trucks with sweet new accessories.

The359 / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: the359

It's been just as rough a winter for your wheels! They definitely deserve some new, shiny truck nuts or a bumper sticker as they roll into spring (and over a whole lotta potholes).

4. And then take off on a road trip to Banff or Jasper.


Roll those windows down without risking frostbite and head into the Rockies for some hiking, hot spring soaking, and more. Or just stay in the car and take a million pictures. Nobody's judging.

5. Take a yoga class outdoors.

Ryerson Clark / Getty Images

Strike your warrior pose with the sun on your back and grass beneath your feet. Outdoor practice is offered by several teachers and studios throughout Edmonton and Calgary! Shorts might be a stretch...but yoga pants are kinda of the best anyway.

7. Get stylin' spring haircuts.

Nautiluz56 / Getty Images

Time to say sayonara to that winter mane and try out a fresh new look! Friends don't let friends shave their beards, though. That's just not OK.

8. Channel your inner kid and have a friendly spring snowball fight.

Hero Images / Getty Images

"So we just had a late dump of snow, but we gotta take advantage because it's all going to melt, like, any second, right??" Wrong. But snowball fights are ALWAYS a good idea.

9. Or spend a day at the zoo.

Laurance B. Aiuppy / Getty Images

A big, exotic zoo is not just awesome for kiddos! And the animals are probably just as pleased as you are about the warmer temps. Except for the penguins. We don't get you, penguins.

10. Get the grill going and try out a new BBQ dish.

Courtesy of For The Love Of... / Via

Ahhh, the taste of perfectly charred Chimichurri Steak and sunny afternoons on the patio. It may not be the patio (read: shorts) weather you're dreaming of quite yet, but put your jacket on and chow down outside anyway. You can obviously handle it. ;)

11. Whip up spring cocktails.

Courtesy of Cookin' Canuck / Via

How about a pair of Caesars to go with that dinner on the patio? Mix 'em yourselves with this simple recipe. They'll taste like warm weather, even if you have to wear gloves to drink them...

13. And, while you're at it, don't forget to raise your glasses to another winter conquered...and a pretty sweet-looking weather forecast.


"Because... What is that I see?... Could it be... The official end of sub-zero temps??"

Well, here's to hoping.