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The Helpful Guide To Not Having Your Internet Fail This School Year

Here are five easy things to do to keep your internet running smoothly, courtesy of AT&T.

1. Get the right connection

we see a person's hands holding their smartphone as they perform a Wi-Fi scan.

2. Take a speed test

A person takes a speed test on their smartphone.

3. Turn off the devices you're not using

Woman sits in her living room, with Wi-Fi symbols marking all her items online.

4. Pay attention to security

A corrupted laptop computer screen.

5. Rethink your router location

A white router with colorful wires sits on a table.

All images courtesy of AT&T and Getty Images.

*Comparison of Internet 1000 wired upload connection speed to competitors' 1Gig and 1.2Gig service with uploads of 35 Mbps.

Life is stressful enough. With everyone online day and night, you deserve a fast, smooth-running internet service. For more information on how to keep your internet network running smoothly, including how to upgrade to a fiber network, check out AT&T Internet.