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11 Reasons You Should Ditch Your Smartphone For A Planner

There are real benefits to putting down your phone! Plan, organize, and capture the moments of your life’s story with an AT-A-GLANCE® planner.

1. Paper planners don't require Wi-Fi so they never (ever ever EVER) drop service at an inopportune moment.

2. Ditto: batteries.

3. Handwriting can help you remember things more clearly.

4. Let's be real: You've probably installed and abandoned more "productivity" apps than you can count.

5. Looking at screens all day every day hurts your eyes.

6. There's a paper planner for every #aesthetic.

7. Notifications are theory.

8. One word: doodles!

9. You will never experience an unwanted interface overhaul with a paper planner.

10. Paper planners are a mixed media experience.

11. Planners are a physical record of your life.

Ready to put your plans to paper? Stay organized with AT-A-GLANCE® appointment books, calendars, notebooks, and more!