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Tumblr Users Who Pefectly Sum Up What It's Like To Roll Up The Rim

People on Tumblr understand this national event. Roll up the rim is serious. It’s a time when we all come to together and as Canadians, we drink even more double-doubles (as if that’s possible). We have our eyes on the prize to earn a shot at a free coffee or a free car. And it can be an emotional rollercoaster. But these Tumblr users accurately depict the highs and lows of this time-tested tradition.

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princinque knows the pain of please play again. / Via

pricklylegs knows that it has the power to change your drink order. / Via

barachiki knows no one can resist Roll Up the Rim. / Via

Even Sherlock.

Nothing more Canadian than bashing the Leafs. / Via

Even Roll Up the Rim isn't safe from this tradition.

stuckinomgcphell and stuckinomgcphell know that small victories are important and Roll up the Rim is Canadian lore

daenerystargaryn understands it can be an emotional rollercoaster / Via

Ugh. / Via

The worst.

panic-at-the-goalline has faced rejection.

panic-at-the-goalline / Via

The rejection that Canadians are quite intimate with.

Through the rejections, medlici knows... / Via

Tim Horton is bae.

All Canadians play the game over and over again. / Via

And give praise to the cup, with the hopes of winning a prize.

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