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9 Reasons Why Nickelson Wooster's Life Is Goals AF

He's a tastemaker and he's a street style icon. He's also just a cool guy.

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1. He's a vet in the fashion industry. / Via Instagram: @nickwooster

Wooster has worked with some of the biggest names over the past 30 years. The companies he has worked for include, Calvin Klein, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Ralph Lauren. He has worked in every facet of the industry from retail to design.

2. He owns his age. He takes pride in getting older. / Via

“I’ve earned where I am today. I worked for it. I’ve earned every line on my face, every gray hair. I think one of the problems that social media – the world of Tumblr and blogs – has created is this idea that it’s all instant and it’s all easy."

Wooster uses his age to his advantage and benefits from his experience. And in an industry and time that celebrates prodigies and youth, this is refreshing. It's also inspiring to know you can be successful over time with years of hard work. He also embraces it in his looks. Wooster doesn't try to look younger. He owns it, which is chicer.

3. He's a good role model.

Wooster has recently celebrated his 20th anniversary of being sober. He also has quit smoking for the last year. Overcoming addiction is something he talks about openly. Wooster shows that it doesn't have to define you; that you can overcome it and still be successful.

4. He reinvents himself.

Lardini / Via

Even though he has gone through rough patches, he has worked hard to become successful. Wooster has started from the bottom several times in his career. He even went through a rough patch where he moved to Miami and worked at a car dealership. After moving to L.A. and working at a Barney's, Wooster saw a position for men's fashion director at Neiman Marcus Bergdorf, applied and got it. At 50, he reinvented himself.

5. He has become an icon in his own right.

Fashion companies have collaborated with him to use his iconic style. Companies use his signature imagery such as silver hair and drop crotch pants. His brand resonates with men of all ages.

6. Important people like his style.

Like Vanity Fair.

7. He's got a sense of humour about himself.

In a GQ interview, Wooster said, “I am just an old f—ing midget queen who, you know, had the good fortune to get this job and it’s like, ‘How did that happen?’

Because of this quote, he was ousted from his position from Neiman Marcus.

Wooster is authentic. And although it has bitten him in the butt, he stays true to who he is and has only become increasingly, more successful.

9. He is always humble.

He doesn't have a huge ego that are stereo typically associated with the fashion industry. Wooster owes his success to his hard work. In an interview with Vice he says that he's not afraid to do any role, not matter how small, “Get ready to move a lot of clothes! During photo shoots for Gilt, I was the one carrying the clothes, trying to find a taxi in the rain with ten garment bags. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

10. He is just dope.

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