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Does Online Buzz Translate To Box Office Sales?

After all that chat about The Canyons...

BuzzFeedEntertainment 6 years ago

Out Of The Dark: One Gay Latino Couple’s Battle Through One Of The Worst Immigration Eras

DOMA’s end means tens of thousands of same-sex binational couples can finally apply for green cards. For Pablo García Gámez and Santiago Ortiz, who have feared deportation would separate them for two decades, this news is welcome, but it's a reminder of how much they’ve sacrificed to stay together.

Von Diaz 6 years ago

KitKats Are So Much Cooler In Japan

Wasabi, Cheesecake, Port Wine, Red Bean...the West is getting screwed.

Aswini Anburajan 6 years ago

Where Did All The Search Traffic Go?

Traffic from Google to digital publishers dropped 30% over the past eight months.

Aswini Anburajan 6 years ago

Digg Has Grown 93% Over The Past 12 Months

Surprisingly quick growth for the rebooted site.

Aswini Anburajan 6 years ago

How Indian Attitudes Toward Sex Are Hurting Rape Victims

We won't see real change until my Indian parents and their generation change how they see women's sexuality.

Aswini Anburajan 6 years ago

More News Equals More Followers On Twitter

As Twitter grows so does referral traffic to publishers. BuzzFeed analyzed growth in Twitter followers during the election.

Aswini Anburajan 6 years ago

Corporate Concessions To Hurricane Sandy

No sweatpants but jeans are okay on Wall Street this week

Aswini Anburajan 7 years ago

What Serena Williams And Roger Federer Have On Their iPods

While Wimbledon is known for its respect for tradition, white outfits, and most of all, silence, the US Open is a rollicking free for all. The U.S Open's executive producer, Michael Fiur, exclusively reveals to BuzzFeed what gets the top seeded players' adrenaline pumping.

Aswini Anburajan 7 years ago

Why "Seventeen" Should Have Dropped Extreme Retouching Years Ago

Looking at the magazine years ago, when I was 16, led to disordered eating that left me mentally and physically scarred into adulthood.

Aswini Anburajan 7 years ago

Ten Most Outrageous Daytime TV Moments

Rosie vs Elizabeth, Oprah's wheelbarrow of fat, Tom Cruise on Oprah's couch, and we're just getting started...

Aswini Anburajan 7 years ago

Aaron Sorkin's "Newsroom" Would Get Clobbered By The "Today" Show

The main character's struggle to balance the fluff with news that actually matters is one I experienced throughout my career in television news.

Aswini Anburajan 7 years ago

5 Biggest Beauty Pageant Scandals

Wearing a tiara doesn't always end in happily ever after

Aswini Anburajan 7 years ago

Scott Brown Touts His Independence In New Ad

Running in liberal Massachusetts, that's the Republican's only hope of winning another term.

Zeke Miller 7 years ago