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What Serena Williams And Roger Federer Have On Their iPods

While Wimbledon is known for its respect for tradition, white outfits, and most of all, silence, the US Open is a rollicking free for all. The U.S Open's executive producer, Michael Fiur, exclusively reveals to BuzzFeed what gets the top seeded players' adrenaline pumping.

At Arthur Ashe Stadium, the US Open's largest venue, music blares from the speakers as players walk out onto the court, during warm ups and change overs. This year Jordan Sparks opened the games with a concert at Arthur Ashe before the players took the court. And the players are invited to help get the crowd psyched to their favorite music. The top seeded players are asked what's on their iPod, and are permitted to request three songs to be played during their match when they're warming up and walking out onto the court. Sixty songs were submitted this year.

Since only the top seeded players are asked for their requests and usually play on Ashe, upstarts who've made it to the premiere venue often seek out the U.S Open's Entertainment Team to request their favorite songs to be played during their Ashe games.

1. Everyone loves "Call Me Maybe"

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Surprise surprise. "Call Me Maybe" was the most requested song this year. Some of players that requested it included: Aleksandra Wozniak, Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez, David Ferrer, Nina Bratchikova and Kiki Bertens. In the clip below, Djokovic sings Call Me Maybe while playing an exhibition match against Carly Rae herself at this year's Open.

Roger Federer Grooves to David Guetta's "Titanium"

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I have no idea if Fed has seen the video for this song, but the picture of a kid persevering with super human abilities basically sums up how Roger plays. He wasn't quite "bullet proof" this Open, but if this songs an indication of his mindset, he'll definitely be back.

Serena Williams Rocks Out to Green Day

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"Boulevard of Broken Dreams" does not describe Serena's 2012 career, but Green Day's high intensity tunes are her on court picks.

Andy Roddick's a Fan of Wham and Culture Club

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Fiur told me that Andy Roddick "jokingly" put down Wham and Culture Club. Joking? It's okay Andy, we love the 80s too!

The Bryan Brothers Chest Bump to Dave Matthews Band "41"

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Mardy Fish Gets Pumped to Old Friend Jake Owen

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I'm guessing which Owen songs Fish might be requesting, but this sad crooner has enough of a beat that I could see Fish getting into a rhythm on the court.

American Sam Querrey Likes Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You"

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