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15 Animals That Do Not Care For Your Opinion At This Time

Because they have lost control of themselves.

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1. Not sure what's going on but I'm in here until further notice. / Via Instagram

2. Can they tell from my body language that I'm actually not into this conversation right now. / Via Instagram

3. Can everybody please stop asking the cat why she's wearing a top hat right now, we're partying. / Via Instagram

4. Don't understand why I can't just rest my feet on this small cup. / Via Instagram

6. Hi, how are things going for you? / Via Instagram

7. Not sure what the problem is with my footwear. / Via Instagram

9. Did she seriously just fart and walk away like that? / Via instagram

12. Cannot feel my arms right now, dude. But I will also tell you that I don't regret the catnip. / Via Instagram

13. I'm in a tray because it's nice in here. Big whoop. / Via Instagram

14. Is this a selfie? Am I taking a selfie? / Via Instagram

15. OK WHOA, HOLD UP. / Via Instagram
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