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Total Solar Eclipse Took Over The Sky And It Was Incredibly Magical

People were astonished as the Sun completely eclipsed by the Moon, making the day turned into night for few precious minutes.

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It's rare to see an eclipse's totality, where only the outer edges of the Sun are visible.

Wondering where you can see the eclipse from next Tuesday? This gif that NASA made should have you covered.

According to NASA, a total eclipse can only be seen within a narrow 100 miles wide path that often happens over water or unpopulated areas. The total solar eclipse of 2016 crossed the International Date Line, most of which lies in Indonesia, while partial eclipse was visible in some parts of Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia, and Hawaii.

This morning, Wednesday March 9, thousands gathered in many spots across Indonesia to watch the celestial phenomenon:

This was in Ternate, Maluku Islands.

The moments of truth. Ternate. #GMT2016 #SolarEclipse

Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, witnessed the eclipse from Palu, Sulawesi Island.

WAPRES @Pak_JK Saksikan #GMT2016 di Palu:

While the president, Joko Widodo, preferred the presidential palace in Bogor.

Menyaksikan gerhana matahari total dari Istana Bogor. Inilah tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah, kebesaran Allah -Jkw

Oh, it's just Mr. President having his ~casual~ walk during the solar eclipse.

Families gathered at their nearest city park in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Suasana Tugu Tani, Jakarta #GMT2016 #NGIGMT2016

This amazing time-lapse video took place at the historical Bridge of Ampera, Palembang.

View this video on YouTube

Medan Update / Via

You can see those thousands of people flocking to the bridge. Palembang, the port city in Sumatra, was the first city to see the totality.

Pretty much everyone were really fascinated. From locals...

Tanjung Kelayang beach at the Indonesian island of Belitung is packed with people waiting to view the #SolarEclipse

The solar eclipse was seen not only in Indonesia. Curious crowds in Singapore experienced the magical moment too...

Tens of thousands watch as solar eclipse sweeps across #Singapore and the region

People of Hyderabad and some places in India reported witnessing the glorious sight.

#Visuals Solar eclipse witnessed from Guwahati, Bhubaneswar and Hyderabad (Early visuals)

The partial eclipse was quite visible over Gurun's morning sky, Malaysia...

solar eclipse | Gurun, Malaysia | 160309

Also happened in Manila, Philippines...

The eclipse as of 9:35AM as seen in Manila #eclipse2016 well as in Thailand, over the darkened sky...

The #SolarEclipse over #Bangkok today !!

During the sighting, gazers were using their own viewing technique. From the old-school solar filter glasses...

A total solar eclipse turned morning into night in some areas of Indonesia

A welding mask.

Iron man memandang gerhana. Serpong utara #GMT2016

Challenge your inner Iron Man.

This ancient data storage. Never forget, guys.

Ibu ini menggunakan floppy disk tua untuk menyaksikan GMT di Balikpapan. Simak #GMT2016

Floppy disk is classic.

No matter which instrument you have used... consider yourself lucky!

Bay Ismoyo / AFP / Getty Images / Via

You witnessed the Sun's disk diminished into a crescent, making its tenuous outer atmosphere revealed during the brief period of totality. Truly captivating.

Bonus: today's Google doodle.

In other news I got to do the doodle for the Total Solar Eclipse visible in Indonesia! 100% accurate space.

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