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Help solving Youth unemployment problem.

Youth Unemployment It is often a milestone for young individuals to get their first job. As times change it becomes harder and harder for the youth in our country to get their first job. Companies these days are looking for people with experience, but not only are they looking for experience they want to see college degrees. So how is it that our young people who got to college, those of them who can actually afford college, apply for a job that they have no experience in? Our youth are stuck in a vicious circle. Go to college to get a job but not being able to afford college because they do not have a job. Youth who look for jobs in college often have to take minimum wage jobs in order to pay for their education. It can be a very hard process to find that first job to pay for college because even minimum wage jobs want you to have experience. Even a job at the local fast food joint requires at least one year of professional customer service. Even when you apply if you are applying for an entry level job, companies who are offering these entry level positions look to see if you have an interest in what they do and what you are applying for. Paying for an education in that field is the best way to go because it shows that you are invested in your future. As hard as it is to find your first job, it is possible. Even with difficult times such as these the economy is starting to recover. A lot of people do not understand that with a bad economy has to do with job rates. Well if no one is spending money at the local fast food shop or buying new clothes, those companies can no longer afford to pay for more employees which make fewer jobs available to the growing population. So how does this affect you in getting a job for the very first time? The jobs that you are qualified for no longer exist because companies do not need any more assistance. So as the economy gets better the hopes are that more jobs will become available. Hence making it easier for the next generation to obtain the jobs to pay for the college education that they need to obtain better jobs in the field they desire. In this fundraising campaign we aim to give opportunity for 500+ Youth to get employed by starting a Food industries Factory. All the employees will be from 18 Years old to 32 only, in this way we are going to solve Youth Unemployment problem for more than 500 Youths. 75% Of The profit will go to the poor, homeless, orphans. To achieve this project we need the following things :- A Factory without any equipment or a piece of land to build a factory on it. Machines of food industry. Transportation method for the employees. 2 Trucks to dispatch the product. All the employees will take 20% of the company stocks. In this way every employee will work in his own place

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