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What Men Should Have To Do If ObamaCare Is Repealed

With New President-Elect Trump entering office soon and the talk of repealing The Affordable Care Act, men should have to change their reproductive rights as well as women.

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Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Birth Control and other contraceptives are free of charge to anyone who applies for it! The act also includes services that provide women AND men with STD screening and counseling. As for Planned Parenthood, federal funding does not actually cover the abortions (SHOCKING, you already knew this because you are smart). What Planned Parenthood funded for is STD testing, birth control, pap smears, and all other kinds of women's health.

If Trump decides to take away women reproductive rights, free STD screening, condoms, and birth controls, and all other sexual wellness is no longer covered and we will be forced to pay high prices for help not covered in our insurance, or worse not covered by insurance at all because some can't afford it. Tampons are already too expensive, do not make me pay full price for my birth control.

If free birth control and planned parenthood are defunded and gone, men should have to give up some reproductive rights to their own bodies as well including:

Men that are sexually active must be on Birth Control.

Oh wait, the symptoms were too terrible and unbearable. Tough shit, you don't get to choose anymore.

Men must provide condoms and have them on their person if they want to have sex.

Come on, birth control just is not going to cut it anymore. If men in Washington want to tell me what to do with my vagina, I should be promised that men will always have a condom.

Men need a note from their Significant Other/Spouse if they want Viagra.

Props to Mia McLeod (South Carolina House of Representatives) for bringing this up. Quote for Quote: "A 'tongue in cheek' erectile dysfunction bill aimed at highlighting the challenges women face when seeking an abortion in South Carolina has advanced to the next stage.

The bill proposed by Democratic Representative Mia McLeod would require men who want to get Viagra or other erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs to wait 24 hours.

They also have to present a sworn statement from their sexual partners detailing their problems." Literally enough said there.

If a girl is to become pregnant and the "boy" leaves her, this should be a federal offense and be thrown in jail.

Nothing sucks more than not having someone there to help you when it is most needed. If the boy (note I said boy because you are not man if you leave her in this situation) decides he can't do it, tough shit yet again. If you are going to leave a girl alone to care for your spawn and not even help pay or be in the child's life, you deserve to be locked up. Case closed.

Same goes for boys not paying child support. Jail TIME.

I think this is already a thing, but seriously do your duty to your child. If you don't, you deserve punishment. Note the boy wording again. YOU ARE NOT A MAN if you can't care to pay for your human.

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