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The 11 People You See At Every House Party

No matter whose house party you hit up, you’re always guaranteed the same line up, right? Wrong. Bang on ASOS’ All Nighter door on December 12 and get ready to party with Brit Award nominee Jessie Ware and a few festival faves… and if you do spot any of the suspects below, please inform a member of staff.

1. The flock of girls who go to the bathroom together. Always.

2. The third wheel.

3. The first soldier down.

4. The guy who can't find his friends.

5. The girl that's convinced everyone's hitting on her.

6. The faithful protectors of the pong table.

7. The duck face queen.

8. The designated driver.

9. The "this is my jam" about every song guy.

10. The guest that's a little too old to be there.

11. The girl that should have just worn flats.