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Three Things We Should Leave Behind In 2017

Cause 2018 would be SOOOO much better if we just let all these things fade away into 2017

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Ahhh... a new year has finally arrived. It's time to leave 2017 behind and look forward to the new year.


*pops a bottle of champagne and drinks straight out of the bottle to forget the hot mess that was 2017

BUT! Before we jump into the new year, there are many things we should just leave behind in 2017... so I narrowed it down to three

Comedy Central

Unicorn... everything. Please


Okay yeah it was cute at first but like... it's gotten old. Look I think unicorns are majestic and lovely, but come on... unicorn grilled cheese is where I draw the line.

Fidget Spinners

Reddit / Via

I mean, I get it if people use them as toys or as a way to ease their tension, but is it really necessary to have fidget spinner cookies? Or the option to dress up as a sexy fidget spinner for Halloween? Is it????

Avocado Lattes

I don't even have the words... just, why????

So cheers to a happy 2018 where these things can finally go away / Via

To make room for all the new dumb trends that will crop up over the next year of course!

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