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Here's All The Proof That Harry Styles Is An Actual Disney Prince And Born To Play Prince Eric

Harry Styles is pure and good... but we thank the higher powers above that he's part of our world.

Athena Sobhan 3 months ago

Three Women Of Color Who Are Killin' It In 2019 So Far

Let's celebrate these women and their achievements so far rather than continue to debate the casting choices in "The Little Mermaid". This is for the editorial fellowship

Athena Sobhan 4 months ago
Athena Sobhan 4 months ago

10 Times Harry Styles Dressed Better Than Literally Anyone Ever

A trip down memory lane from Harry's 2018 tour.

Athena Sobhan 6 months ago

Three Things We Should Leave Behind In 2017

Cause 2018 would be SOOOO much better if we just let all these things fade away into 2017

Athena Sobhan One year ago

My Experience Watching Dunkirk As Told Through GIFs

Because what better way is there to truly describe all the feels when watching Dunkirk?

Athena Sobhan 2 years ago